Jake Fromm

QB, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 07/30/1998
  • WT 220 lbs






    Arm Accuracy - Accuracy is negatively impacted when he tries to throw with heat or has to get the ball out quickly. He's most accurate within 10 yards of the LOS where he can quickly dish to backs in the flats, out breaking patterns or shallow crosses. Really struggles working deep over the MOF to drive the ball with accuracy.

    Decision Making - He's hardly ever going to put the ball in jeopardy, which is nice but comes at the cost of a lot of chunk plays down the field. He's sharp in the red zone and does do well to read and key zone defenders to ID and anticipate where to throw. Willing to eat sacks and won't panic under duress.

    Progressions - Works through the full field of play and maximizes his targets effectively. Trusts his backside reads and typically knows what he's going to get when he works to the end of progressions, quickly and efficiently moving from one option to the next. He's a cerebral, pro capable player.

    Anticipation - A lot of reps are won in the presnap, understanding where he's got leverage and knowing where targets are going to be. Spot throws in the quick timing game are pretty on point, but the longer you make him hold the ball, the less he's able to really guide the ball into favorable spots for receivers.

    Poise - Doesn't live in chaos but is well composed to avoid it all together. Wish he had a little something extra to him when plays get off script but limitations here are due to lack of physical skills, not because he panics or is incapable. Heady with ball security under pressure and isn't going to kill you in the heat of the moment.

    Arm Strength - Doesn't have the juice you'd prefer to see, far sideline throws and 15+ yard targets take a LONG time for the ball to get there, he'll have DBs jumping and attacking the football at a much higher rate in the NFL, which will risk seeing him fall further into his shell with lack of aggressiveness to drive the football.

    Pocket Awareness - Appreciate his sense of pressure to know when to protect the ball but his ability to slide within the pocket is only modest. He'll break off his platform versus pressure and has barely enough mobility to get outside the pocket. Generally should be considered a pocket passer and nothing more.

    Mechanics - Seems to fight the ball a bit when he's got to go quick. Has habit of flipping the ball on his drops, seems subconscious to get ball where he wants it in his hands but quick pressure could create security issues there. His delivery is clean, though — compact and capable of throwing amid bodies and traffic.

    Footwork - Drops aren't always taken with urgency and doesn't have the natural foot quickness or stride depth to get distance at the snap. He's got the needed weight distribution in clean pockets and with protection to get himself set up and stride to targets with rhythm and timing to hit back foot and trigger a throw.

    Run Ability - 40 rushing yards for his career says it all — not a threat as a ball carrier. Doesn't have the size in short yardage to churn the pile in QB sneaks, either. Lacks short area quickness and long speed and isn't going to beat you with his legs if he's tasked with getting outside the pocket. 


    Best Trait - Decision Making

    Worst Trait - Arm Talent

    Best Film - Alabama (2018)

    Worst Film - LSU (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Jake Fromm is a "what you see is what you get" quarterback prospect. Offenses in need of stability, consistent decision making and intelligent pre-snap work will be drawn to Fromm, but his physical tools will leave you wanting more and there's an inherent lack of consistent killer instinct to play in attack mode as a passer. Fromm offers modest upside as a starting quarterback and would be best implemented in a WCO, where quick game and RAC can help to boost pass game productivity. 

    Updated: 01/10/2020