Jack Driscoll

OT, Auburn

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #71
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 294 lbs



    Pass Sets - He doesn't have the foot speed to effectively temper his pass sets and as such his vertical sets are long and can be stressed with either burst or well timed speed to power conversion. He's typically reliable to flip the hips and carry rushers around the edge when stressed with the speed; making most of his flexibility.

    Length - Doesn't have ideal reach for the outside and wouldn't be surprised if some times look to kick him inside to guard in a ZBS or potentially even to center, given his lack of functional strength. His punch timing is pretty effective and he'll do well to not flash his hands too soon and give up his chest.

    Balance - Body contortion and mobility through the hips flash most here. He does well to open himself and get his hips across blocks when engaged. Like his fluidity in the open field, too — he's rarely caught over extending himself on the second level to pursue linebackers — knows how to leverage angles and let blocks come to him.

    Hand Technique - One of his best qualities. Four years as a starter has done well to build good habits in staying engaged on blocks on stretch and outside run concepts and there's some nice savvy here to rework himself inside the chest. Will continue to work to set the hook. Biggest gripe here is only pedestrian punch power.

    Power at POA - Not going to take dudes for a ride at the snap unless he's given help in the way of a double team. He's otherwise only a break even blocker and rarely gets leg drive and momentum moving on drive blocks — won't be an attractive projection to gap heavy rushing offenses as a result.

    Football IQ - He does a lot of little things well and shows good awareness at the LOS to pick up stunts and patiently pass off defenders. He uses his leverage and spacing well and like how he manages to get bodies turned on outside runs as a cutoff blocker on the back side of plays. Technique is strong, especially above waist.

    Functional Athleticism - He's a bit of an odd study. His lower half doesn't move with suddenness or precision, but he's typically well balanced unless powerful defenders convert and roll underneath his pads. He's controlled and even keeled when he's sliding in protection uncontested, just can't flip the switch and find explosive redirection.

    Anchor Ability - Needs to get stronger here, no question. He's carrying a fair amount of mass below the waist but he's also not super effective to drop the hips because he's given ground at first contact by getting outreached and not having the pop in his hands to offset charges.

    Flexibility - His lateral mobility in the hips shines when he's engaged with blocker or looking to string out defenders. If his hands are set, he'll do well to pivot and guide or steer while keeping his hips open to continue to run his feet with momentum. His linear coil and roll of hips in drive blocks is less appealing.

    Competitive Toughness - Lack of play strength is apparent at times, as he'll get over the top of his toes trying to dictate the rep too often. Would be well served for a redshirt year to avoid playing with current level of play strength to see if coaching staff and conditioning program can't coax better "oomph" out of him. 


    Best Trait - Hand Technique

    Worst Trait - Play Strength

    Best Film - Alabama (2019)

    Worst Film - LSU (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Jack Driscoll projects as a developmental OT prospect. Driscoll has plenty of savvy reps with his hand usage, but his functional play strength and lack of ideal foot speed is a big barrier to him finding success quickly at the NFL level. Driscoll has a thick lower half but doesn't match it with power or explosive — he's ideally going to go to a WCO passing offense that won't ask him to sustain his blocks for an extended period of time. He is, however, surprisingly mobile on the 2nd level. 

    Updated: 02/24/2020