Jack Driscoll

OT, Auburn

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #71
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 294 lbs



    PROS: After starting out his career at UMass, Driscoll made a seamless transition to the best conference in college football. Taking a large step up in competition, learning the speed of the game had a little effect on his play overall. Starting since the second, he stepped foot on campus, he slotted into the right tackle spot immediately and played it as if he had been there for multiple seasons.  

    Driscoll performs a lot of techniques that go against the proper rules of playing offensive tackle, but the tactics have consistently worked for him. While not being the most athletically gifted player, he rarely ever lets edge rushers turn the corner around him. He will perform whatever’s necessary to keep his chest in front of defenders within striking distance.

    When his weight gets moving forward in a downhill direction, he’s able to generate lots of movement at the point of attack. Down blocks prior to climbing to the second level are effective because of his combination of having a thick base and well above average lower body strength to clear gaping lanes in the running game.

    CONS: There are some challenges to set back vertically because of just how much weight is contained in his lower half. The difficulties with moving his tree trunk-like thighs are apparent with his pass sets. Driscoll attempts to win by short setting or galloping with his feet swiftly instead of setting vertical and gaining depth. The negatives of that come to fruition when facing gifted first-step rushers who are able to get up the field in a hurry.

    When initiating contact following the snap, he throws his entire upper body into defensive lineman without driving his feet to match it. This results in him having minimal body control and being unable to readjust if defenders are able to withstand his first blow of contact.

    Updated: 9/4/19