Jabari Zuniga

EDGE, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #92
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 253 lbs





    PROS: Impressive functional strength for his size. Plenty of reps where he stuns blockers with his hands and anchors at the point of attack against much larger opponents. Blends that play strength with good pursuit effort. Once he gets out of his stance, he can cover ground and challenge offensive tackles to set roadblocks up the arc. Loves to dip and rip but also converts speed to power well. Has good good length and he generally does a good job of playing with extension. Has lined up all across the defensive line for Florida. 

    CONS: Can be painfully slow to release out of his stance. Too many reps where a general lack of awareness in terms of what is going on around him is revealed. Has to develop his vision and processing speed to play faster and maximize his athletic ability. Needs to develop and get to counters/ancillary rush moves quicker in his rush. Overall, his pass rush plan needs to be developed and deployed more effectively for him to achieve consistency. Way too many reps where he attacks body to body with fruitless efforts. Has to do a better job keeping his pad level down. Has no consistency with his stance which probably impacts his get off. Extremely tight in his lowers. Segmented mover with slow lateral mobility. 

    BEST TRAIT - Play Strength

    WORST TRAIT - Processing

    RED FLAGS - 2019 High Ankle Sprain

    NFL COMP - Will Overstreet 

    Jabari Zuniga’s had some impressive flashes throughout his career at Florida but hasn’t been able to develop a consistent skill set during his time in college. While there are exciting moments of explosive releases out of his stance, play strength and hard-charging efforts in pursuit, he’s still an extremely raw player. His processing skills, vision and deployment of a pass rush plan are all highly inconsistent and his tightly wound frame presents other restrictions. His production against Power 5 competition compared to other games against lesser opponents brings deserving questions to the table. Zuniga has some upside because of his play strength, length and versatility, but he’s likely a rotational piece that needs to grow considerably to be more than that.