Isaiah Prince

OT, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten
  • Jersey #59
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB --
  • WT 310 lbs



    Pass Sets - Step cadence is most effective in vertical sets, spacing and framing of blocks is consistent until it is time to initiate contact. Feet deaden with punch and often times will end up leaning into blocks to compensate. Struggles to slide on short sets and stay in front of twists/stunts.

    Length/Extension - Possesses all of the needed length to play effectively on the outside at the next level. Long arms provide a lot of wiggle room for a misstep. Doesn't use it, though. Prefers to belly bump in tight spaces and allows defenders to pass through strike zone when isolated in space.

    Balance - Weight plays far too forward on his toes. Needs to trust his technique and sit taller on his hips, otherwise his feet narrow and he'll spin off of what were originally well framed blocks. Overextends himself looking to strike a blow.

    Hand Technique - Does a nice job of work his hands inside on drive blocks. Hand grip is strong in string out situations to stay latched onto his man. Shows awareness to implement inside hook to seal pass rushers from ducking inside if challenged in man on man situations.

    Power at POA - Successfully washes out the line of scrimmage when tasked with crashing down or combo-ing to the second level. Frequently creates a lot of push and extra space at first contact when encouraged to play forward immediately at the snap.

    Football IQ - Does not process action flashing across his face particularly well. Will turn and chase the first body and does not anticipate the returning defender well. Has developed over time as a 3 year starter to add polish in run blocking skills.

    Functional Athleticism - Has ample mobility. Is light on his feet when taking pass sets off of the line of scrimmage and can be very quick to climb the ladder and square up a block on the second level. Redirection skills in space are smooth and can be used to defeat inside counters.

    Anchor Ability - Carries his weight well in the lower half but hips don't drop vertically, instead he folds at the waist and loses his functional power in the glutes. Ergonomically a mess, but if technique can be rehabilitated he has the needed physical skills to set a strong anchor.

    Flexibility - Limitations appear to be more technical than anatomical. Has the ability to pop and hinge the hips. Shows ample reach in his back step on vertical kick slide to gain ground. Functional usage is a work in progress, despite 3 years of starting experience.

    Competitive Toughness - Plays much softer than he should. Lack of timing to establish contact and lack of trust in his functional play strength in pass protection hinder what is a promising athletic toolbox. Disappointing number of reps seen walking behind the play.

    BEST TRAIT - Functional Athleticism

    WORST TRAIT - Competitive Toughness

    BEST FILM - Wisconsin (2017)

    WORST FILM - TCU (2018)

    RED FLAGS - Underachiever

    Isaiah Prince is a difficult projection, because despite all of his athletic tools he still struggles greatly in framing blocks and understanding how to implement his length in pass protection. An effective run blocker, Prince is likely to get a push from coaches for playing time. But in order to stick, Prince will need to do what he hasn't in 3 years starting at Ohio State: use his hands to create first contact on a balanced posture. Considerably high ceiling, considerably low floor.