Iman Marshall


  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #8
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 02/27/1997
  • WT 205 lbs



    PROS: Explosive cornerback who can cover distances in an instant. Best deployment currently off coverage in a true backpedal: does well to read breaks from downfield cushion, open hips, and explode to get connected. Can also use catch-man ideas to incorporate physicality at the top of the route. Has nice fluidity in his hip hinge to get moving in both angled approaches and full turns to run. Does well to maintain downfield leverage in off coverage and play double moves tight, but cautiously. Gets attached to the hip pocket quickly, especially on vertical stems, and will become bothersome in the cylinder down the field.

    Off alignment also serves him well in terms of playing downhill against short yardage plays--loves to come up and hit. Willing to attack OL and WR in space to deconstruct/avoid blocks to get involved with tackles. Coils his hips nicely when preparing for contact and can deliver a thud. Willingness to be physical also prevalent in press coverage: will throw aggressive two-handed jams and look to fully bury WRs at the snap.

    CONS: Press coverage technique far too feast or famine for NFL play. Feet are dead at the snap and the press punch becomes more of a lean; can be easily sidestepped or suckered in by jab steps. Gives up outside release to vertical stem far too easily and immediately puts himself in trail position, in which he only has average speed to recover. Has high PBU numbers but seems to struggle identifying the catch point from trail position and affecting it. Fails to get his head turned to the football; may be lacking for length.

    Lack of length also notable in failed tackle attempts, which are frequent and surprising given willingness to play physically. Doesn't do well to wrap around the waist, often delivering shot at hips then looking to wrap around ankles. Is a very lazy pursuit player, with soft angles and a cool motor. Plays are undoubtedly extended by his unwillingness to pursue and ensure all angles are covered for cutbacks/broken tackles. Will false step out of his backpedal occasionally. Has good NFL size but will get bodied by height/length.