Greedy Williams


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #29
  • Class RS Sophomore
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 12/03/1997
  • WT 182 lbs





    Feet - Has plenty of foot speed but needs to play more on his toes to avoid delayed transitions. Can be too patient in the contact window and find himself trailing. Has longer strides which will occasionally slow him down when transitioning.

    Man Coverage - Has all the physical upside to be a standout man coverage corner. Features good length, fluid hips and the speed to carry routes vertically down the field. Doesn't always anticipate route breaks well and gets caught guessing. Needs to more consistently finish reps to not allow late separation.

    Tackling - Would prefer not to. Nips at ankles and is often reluctant to do that. Rarely illustrates a desire to square up a ball carrier and have a physical exchange. Whiffs too frequently in space.

    IQ/Awareness - Despite impressive physical ability, Williams is often left in a state of recovery because he transitions too quickly or incorrectly. Wires get crossed in zone coverage and he finds himself in between zones while not manning the area he is responsible for.

    Physicality - Leaves much to be desired. Makes business decisions when his team needs him to make a tackler or get off a block. Is stout at the line of scrimmage and in the contact window with receivers but it doesn't translate to tackling and playing off contact.

    Ball Skills - Illustrates the ability to disrupt at the catch point. Athletic ability and length lead to ample opportunities to make plays on the ball. Showcases good hands when he has the chance to haul in an interception. Drives forward on the ball well with good timing. There are occasions with his back to the football where he is slow to work his head around and find the ball.

    Press Technique - I like his upside in press. Illustrates good play strength in the contact window, length and the ability to turn and run. Does well to locate his hands on the receivers frame and disrupt route timing.

    Flexibility - Hips are fluid, especially for a taller corner. Can flip and run with smooth transitions. Able to cleanly plant and drive. Has good overall bounce in his movements.

    Versatility - Projects nicely to a role as a man and press-man corner on the outside. Needs work with coverage spacing and technique in zone coverage. Contributions as a tackler in run support are poor.

    BEST TRAIT - Physical Upside

    WORST TRAIT - Physicality

    RED FLAGS - None

    Greedy Williams features a blend of size, length, speed, fluidity and ball skills that suggest he offers a high ceiling in coverage as a lock down corner. With that said, Williams puts doubt in my mind given his disappointing passiveness as a tackler and when working off contact. Too many instances where he fails to finish reps and allows late separation exacerbate those concerns regarding his competitive toughness. If he is motivated, willing to play physical and improves as a processor, Williams should be an early impact starter. If not, he could flame out.