Greedy Williams


  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #29
  • Class RS Sophomore
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 12/03/1997
  • WT 182 lbs





    Man Coverage - Williams’ stride length and quick twitch is the major reason for his plus man coverage ability. While he may initially give up an inside release, he’s still pretty sticky in man coverage over the middle of the field. Utilizes his length and his hands in his coverage ability. Effortlessly matches vertical routes, right at the hip of the receiver every single time. Consistently in-phase. Does not waste motion or take false steps in his press coverage technique, though I would not qualify his feet as very active. Though he can be too stagnant at the line of scrimmage, for the most part he remained in-phase with strong route runners from the SEC such as Riley Ridley, Darius Slayton and DK Metcalf.

    Will too often give up inside releases with little resistance. Can be a bit uneasy with leverage, aggressiveness and keeping discipline with his hips. Feet need to become more active, which will help him show more resistance on those inside releases.

    Zone Coverage - Not quite as active in his zone coverage and is somewhat flat footed. While he shows plus awareness, he doesn’t pass of routes as well as you’d hope. Rather, he trusts his athleticism and length to disrupt throws into his area. All of the tools are there for him to become a dominant zone cornerback.

    Ball Skills - Williams length and timing allowed him to accumulate a lot of pass breakups. Consistently showed ball skills down the field. As he works to locate, he is all over fade and go routes.

    Will get attacked at the back shoulder or with comeback routes with success. Auburn took advantage of this multiple times. When he gets his head around in time on these, he showed effectiveness in contesting the catchpoint. Internal clock needs to go off in order for him to get off of the upfield shoulder and start locating the ball. This will unlock his full potential with contesting those back shoulder throws.

    Athleticism / Change of Direction - Williams has height and length for the cornerback position, but could stand to add some size and strength throughout his frame. Twitchy, explosive athlete who can shoot out of a cannon when necessary.

    Tackling - Fails to wrap up ball carriers multiple times on tape. Footwork in his tackling is a mess, as he doesn’t gather or buzz his feet. Occasionally will ankle-bite with decent explosiveness, tripping up the ball carrier.

    Run Support - Generally uninterested, lacking physicality, aggressiveness and technique in his run fits. Too often fails to disengage from blocks. Will take risks with his run fits and give up the edge.

    Best Trait - Man Coverage

    Worst Trait - Tackling / Run Support

    Red Flags - N/A

    Summary - Williams has intriguing tools for the NFL level. With a combination of man and zone coverage ability as well as plus ball skills, he has all the necessary tools to be a versatile coverage cornerback in the NFL. His tackling and run support needs to improve, as he could become a liability for whichever defense drafts him. Williams could stand to gain some strength to round out his frame, but his length, size and athleticism gives him a high ceiling. He will be a candidate to be one of the first cornerbacks off of the board during the NFL draft.

    Other notes: Played primarily on the left side of the defensive formation at LSU.