Gardner Minshew

QB, Washington State

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #16
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 220 lbs




    Arm Accuracy –Erratic. Will miss his crossers and out routes to the inside, which begs for trouble. Yet in instances up the middle will thread the needle between squatting defenders. Good touch on bucket throws vertically to drop over the shoulder.

    Decision Making –Can be late to process throws at time, getting too keyed into a single read. Will identify the proper read late and rush to deliver, which can prompt inaccuracies. Not afraid of tight windows but can be a little overambitious of where he can slot the ball at times.

    Progressions –Can be guilty of dialing in on the preferred read. Would like to see him show more flexibility in his drops and identify deeper layered reads with more urgency. That said, played in offense for one season so there should be room for growth in this area.

    Anticipation –Bright flashes as a middle of the field passer and throwing to spaces. Doesn't have to see uncovered receivers and will lead his target into space with a throw. Lacks pinpoint accuracy in many of these throws but has general accuracy to give receivers a chance to convert targets.

    Poise –Fun under pressure. Isn't scared of the heat and is very effective in side-stepping defenders. Can get a little too greedy once he's been derailed from the script and would like to see more throws to short spaces and keep the offense ahead of the sticks.

    Arm Strength –Has plenty of juice in his arm. More live than first look would suggest but when really looking to drive home a throw can rip it with a lot of push. Has the ability to drive balls vertically and get plenty of distance *with velocity*.

    Pocket Awareness –Crafty within the pocket, has some wiggle to him as a means of influencing a pass rusher. Willing to use a full 360 degrees of space to flush his platform and look to reset himself for a throw. Rarely caught unaware of a rusher challenging his space.

    Mechanics –Short, compact release that allows for a quick flip of the arm and the ball is out. Consistency is not there, typically once he's been influenced by a rusher and his posture compromised. Shows good torso snap and pops his hips through release, even when rolling out.

    Footwork –Does not take his depth out of snap with a lot of intent, instead hop/hinging out of the gun and onto his throwing platform. More cadence with his feet could improve accuracy, as he at times feels off balance within the pocket when needing to pull the trigger.

    Mobility –Quick footed and has good short area quickness within the pocket. Agility is present to pull up while rolling out and square his shoulders. Effective moving either side, although definite loss of velocity when rolling away from pressure to his left.


    BEST TRAIT – Pocket Awareness

    WORST TRAIT – Arm Accuracy

    BEST FILM – USC (2018)

    WORST FILM – Washington (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Gardner Minshew projects as a potential low-end starter to the NFL level. With recent spacing trends at the NFL level, Minshew's style of play has become more friendly to a pro projection. Minshew possesses the arm strength to drive balls effectively and plays with good poise/mobility within the pocket to extend plays. There are flashes of high end talent but Minshew's erratic throwing platforms and decision making yield a lot of irregular targets and inaccurate footballs.