Gabriel Davis


  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #13
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 04/01/1999
  • WT 212 lbs




    PROS: Well-slapped together frame with good height and length. Not a true burner but his top gear is capable of eating away turf and gaining vertical separation. Excels on go routes where his ability to generate vertical push, track the football and adjust all shine. Hands are strong with very few drops present. Routinely snatches it outside his frame with extension. Generally showcases strong high-pointing skills. Does well to establish his frame at the catch point despite not being overly dominant in contested situations. He isn’t super explosive but his footwork is smooth which enables him to clear press coverage and get into his route stem. Timing and deceptiveness with double moves is outstanding. 

    CONS: Route tree is limited and he doesn’t project well to creating much in the way of separation running routes on the horizontal plane. Isn’t dynamic with the ball in his hands and his value outside of “go balls” is limited. Tight hips will present challenges truly creating throwing windows at the next level. 

    BEST TRAIT - Ball Tracking

    WORST TRAIT - Separation Quickness

    RED FLAGS - None

    UCF wide receiver Gabriel Davis found exciting production in college by running go routes, showcasing his smooth acceleration, ball tracking skills and hands. His ability to run double moves and create vertical separation will be an asset in the NFL. With that said, his projection elsewhere is underwhelming. As it stands, his ability to execute a complete route tree is limited and he offers very little post-catch upside. Davis is likely a WR4 at the next level that does provide vertical receiving upside which is of value. That said, increasing his value by excelling on special teams will be important.