Foster Moreau


  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #84
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 05/06/1997
  • WT 255 lbs




    Route Running - Usage is limited predominantly to the shorter areas of the field. Stick route was most frequently run pattern. Doesn't offer a lot of short area quickness at the top of routes to establish separation or suddenly break against squatting defenders.

    Power at POA - Offers promise, given functional strength and secondary anchor skills. Initial push off of the line is too often negated on account of poor punch with his hands, restricting first press into the backfield. Shows effective anchor in pass protection to bend hips and hold firm.

    Hands - Cradles the football well in traffic, is aware of using frame to shield the ball from defenders who may be in the proximity. Hasn't flashes a very high catch radius, however. Catch conversions are regularly put on the body or chest and limited ROM in torso may hinder further range.

    Competitive Toughness - Blue collar worker who plays through the end of the whistle. Rarely caught behind the play, has often worked out in front in an effort to pick up an extra block. Physical tenacity can make up for some technical deficiencies as a blocker.

    Versatility - Has been played in a flex position, in-line and out of the backfield, although next level projection won't offer upside playing detached from the line of scrimmage. Does not have the functional athleticism to be a space athlete.

    Flexibility - Tight in lateral situations, particularly in his core and shoulders. Is quite linear in efforts to play with quickness and/or strength. Runs upright and without much lean, preventing any stout hits with his pads after the catch or success running through soft tackles.

    Contested Catch Ability - Big frame, will be a player who can win with some bumping and physicality on spot routes. Works back to the line of scrimmage effectively and as a result can provide his passer with a set of numbers to put the ball on.

    Balance - Gets extended too far out over toes at times. Improves notably once a hand fit is established on the body of defenders, particularly in pass protection, where he can dictate with hands and slide laterally to pin a rusher into the protection wall.

    Run After Catch Ability - Offers only modest upside in this regard, lacks secondary burst or lateral quickness to force a broken angle/missed tackle. Does have a tough demeanor with the ball in his hands, often times lunging for target yardage and accepting limited gains.

    Football Intelligence - Can get lost on occasion working onto the second level, lacks peripheral vision to pick up a scraping defender on the backside. Does little things as a receiver in an effort to uncover on extended plays. Polish is impressive in picking up second level rushers in protection.

    BEST TRAIT - Pass Protection

    WORST TRAIT - Run After Catch Ability

    BEST FILM - Miami FL (2018)

    WORST FILM - Troy (2017)

    RED FLAGS - None

    LSU TE Foster Moreau presents value for teams who require/prefer additional blockers at the line of scrimmage beyond their starting line. Moreau has an effective feel for pass protection and presents additional upside as a run blocker if he's able to establish more consistency with his hands at first contact. Moreau is a limited upside receiving prospect who projects best as a potential TE2, should not be considered a viable receiving feature in the long term.