Emanuel Hall

WR, Missouri

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #84
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs




    Routes - Has the burst and speed needed to run away from defenders but more nuance is needed. Capable of carrying insane speed through his breaks but does very little to sell route breaks. Want to see him manipulate corners better and attack leverage. Has run a limited route tree. Mechanical route runner that doesn't appear to have regard for the technique the corner is playing to maximize his efforts to create separation. Needs work but the tools are present.

    Hands - Is guilty of fighting the ball and struggles with consistency. Tape is littered with double catches and improper technique addressing the football. Does not regularly extend his arms away from his frame and pluck the football. Rarely wins in contested situations. Technique needs an overhaul.

    Ball Skills - Is competitive in contested situations but struggles to combine ball tracking with establishing his frame to win at the catch point. There are times it appears he has no regard for the possibility a DB could disrupt at the catch point. Want to see him be more assertive to attack the football and not just wait for it. Has shown the ability adjust to the back shoulder throw but adjustments in general are often very poor.

    YAC Ability - Was not prioritized by Missouri for touches that are designed for him to create post catch but has the juice needed to quickly eat away at yards. Not likely to be a tackle breaker but his ability to accelerate will greatly challenge pursuit angles.

    Release - Opponent's regard for his vertical push creates soft jams and keeps corners on their heels. Will have a slight recoil but is generally smooth and explosive out of his stance. Features a variety of hand techniques, footwork and stutters to get into his stem.

    Play Speed - Has the ability to get behind the secondary and blow the top off the defense. Puts stress on cornerbacks to flip their hips and remain connected which opens up his ability to cut off routes and work the short/intermediate areas of the field.

    Blocking - Effort on plays that be blocks is quite different than when he is running a route. Will make initial contact but then does very little to stay engaged and position himself to seal. Was not regularly tasked to hit critical blocks in college.

    Play Strength - Wins with finesse and minimal amounts of physicality. Needs to be more assertive when the ball is in the air to position his frame to win in contested situations. Respect for his speed often leads to not requiring an alpha mentality but things will be different in the NFL.

    Versatility - Projects as a deep threat in any scheme but isn't going to be a high volume chain mover. Must develop technically to be a more desired target to all levels of the field. Despite speed, has never been tasked with return duties in college.

    BEST TRAIT - Speed

    WORST TRAIT - Hands

    RED FLAGS - None

    Averaging over 23 yards per reception over the last two years at Missouri, Hall's ability to stretch the field and get behind the secondary would be a welcome addition for any offense. With that said, his route running needs development and his hands/ball skills present issues with consistency that will be further difficult to overcome at the NFL level. With continued development, Hall has a bright future given the threat of his speed. He has illustrated growth throughout his career at Missouri so there is encouragement for more development.