Easton Stick

QB, North Dakota State

  • Conf FCS
  • Jersey #12
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 222 lbs



    Accuracy - He can handle rhythm throws and put the ball where it needs to be while allowing his targets chances to work after the catch. Generally good accuracy on the move. Throws to the intermediate to deep portions of the field are inconsistently placed, often wide of his intended target.

    Arm Strength - Has enough arm strength but he doesn’t feature a cannon. Balls have a tendency to float on him when he takes something off and throws with touch. Can get distance needed on throws to challenge defenses vertically.

    Decision Making - Field vision is spotty - there are too many times that he fails to see (or respect) leveraged defenders in space and will still try to fit the ball despite modest consistency with ball placement. Needs to be most deliberate about protecting the football and not try to work the ball between windows it cannot fit. Process needs to speed up and he’s often late on throws.

    Anticipation - Makes throws with anticipation but still needs to speed up his process at times. Sometimes he anticipates incorrectly and makes ill-advised throws. Level of competition is a concern and that concern is accentuated by his intermittent ball placement and decision making issues that will be extremely problematic at the NFL level should they not improve.

    Pocket Skills - Terrific athlete that is capable of moving within the pocket. Patient in the pocket and keeps his down the field on his targets. Takes his share of sacks holding the ball too long and speeding up his is problematic.

    Throwing Mechanics - Release is a bit elongated, lacking efficiency. Weight transfer, establishing a throwing platform, aligning his shoulders and hip rotation are generally clean.

    Feet - Light on his feet with good balance and rhythm in his drops. Capable of finding quick platforms when things must speed up. Quick and athletic to navigate the pocket and elude rushers.

    Progressions - Works his progressions with consistency and rarely locks in on a single read. With that said, his spotty field vision doesn’t always lead to successful scans. Experienced in a pro-style scheme.

    Run - Outstanding athlete that is capable of running all over defenses. Designed runs, read-option and boots should be a big part of his game. Does well to extend plays and make throws outside of structure.

    BEST TRAIT - Athletic Ability

    WORST TRAIT - Field Vision

    RED FLAGS - None

    Given his modest arm talent, inconsistent accuracy and spotty field vision, Stick features his share of restrictions when projecting him to the next level. With that said, he’s experienced running pro-style concepts and features dual-threat upside given his outstanding athletic ability. While he is likely a career backup, Stick’s athletic profile could lead to opportunities to function in sub packages, not unlike what the Saints do with Taysom Hill. There’s considerable development needed but Stick’s athletic ability and baseline throwing skills give him a chance to stick.

    Round Grade - 6th-7th Round Value