Dre'Mont Jones

IDL, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten
  • Jersey #86
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 01/04/1997
  • WT 295 lbs




    Run Defense - Does well to shoot gaps and find his way into the backfield. Lacks the power and mass to anchor and win at the point of attack with consistency. Gets blasted out of his gap in drive block situations. Lacks functional strength and high pads exacerbate this issue. Not reliable to maintain his run fits.

    Pass Rush - Has some variety with his hand techniques to grease rush angles and create rush lanes. Excellent burst off the snap and puts stress on offensive lineman to slide and stay square. Illustrates the ability to string together moves and clear contact to pressure the quarterback. Vision and timing of his moves is inconsistent.

    Effort - Plays with a consistently hot motor and snap to snap effort is excellent. Has some negative reps but it's not because he isn't competing. Puts the heat on offensive lineman to keep pace with him and shoots gaps with urgency.

    Hand Technique - Illustrates a wide variety of pass rushing moves and the ability to string them together to pressure the quarterback. Limited ability to stun blockers and control at the point of attack. Works overtime to clear his pads once an offensive lineman has the clamps set.

    Flexibility - Illustrates good flexibility throughout his frame that enables him to corner angles, carry speed through turns and change directions fluidly. Able to work laterally with ease and is an overall smooth operator. Can spring his body against his momentum to challenge ball carriers bursting by him.

    Play Strength - Competes but he is lacking power throughout his frame. Does himself no favors by not playing with better leverage. Too frequently gets blasted out of his gap and he struggles to hold up at the point of attack. Does not convert speed to power well.

    Play Speed - Has plenty of juice and twitch in his get off to challenge blockers and often beats them to their edges before they can move laterally. Features outstanding closing speed when he has an angle and contact is cleared. Has outstanding range and can close distances.

    Lateral Movement - Has no issues working down the line of scrimmage and making an impact in a large radius. Easily redirects and changes directions. Can string out wide runs and flow towards the sideline with ease.

    Versatility - Projects as a three-technique in a 4-3 alignment with exciting pass rushing upside but major concerns as a run defender. Has situationally played on the edge in college and has some ability to do so at the next level. Not a candidate for two-gapping duties on account of limited play strength and inability to play with extension.

    BEST TRAIT - Gap shooting

    WORST TRAIT - Power at the POA

    RED FLAGS - Play Strength

    Jones features an exciting interior pass rushing skill set where his burst, flexibility and variety of moves leads to consistent pressure on the quarterback. While that holds considerable value, his run stopping ability raises major concerns. Jones struggles to hold up at the point of attack and is easily driven out of gaps. Adding play strength, playing with better extension and leverage will be critical for him to be more than a situational player at the next level. He does find success shooting gaps on run downs, but there are too many instances of him not maintaining his run fit. He may not play a high volume of snaps at the next level but he should be a valuable commodity on long and late downs.