DeVonta Smith

WR, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #6
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 11/14/1998
  • WT 175 lbs


    Pros (+): Reliable and soft hands in all areas of the field. There’s no fear with entering traffic, but also cashes in on routine catches. Experienced the most success on in-breaking routes. Welcomes the challenge of cornerbacks pressing him at the line of scrimmage. Quick foot-fires and active feet help him create initial space. Elite level stutter releases that are highly effective weekly. Unafraid of rising to the occasion and aims to exceed the intensity of the man lined up across from him. His competitive juices overflow during after the catch dynamics as he’s consistent with attempts to make the first defender miss. Vision is sudden and pressing. Not overly explosive or will wow you with moves to break free, but has a slithery approach to him and is able to put his body in uncomfortable positions in order to avoid tacklers.=

    Cons (–): At first sight, there doesn’t appear to be a muscle anywhere on his body. Rail thin arms, waist, legs. Has plenty of hidden strength despite his frame, but his lack of mass often shows up on attempts to fight through contact. Can get hemmed up and on fighting pressure with pressure attempts. His game overall is predicated on creating separation early and maintaining it. If unable to do that or forced to win in tightly contested situations, that is unfavorable to him because of his strength levels and inconsistent ability to out-athlete/muscle the opposition at the catch point. Has the route savvy and maturity to win, but athletic defenders with advanced technique could lead to struggles with winning. Play strength is an area that’s still developing in his game and because of his frame and area that may never be advanced as a result. Route strength could serve to improve and although he shows plenty of effort and fortitude following the catch, that is the only time we see those high levels of power appear in his game.