Devin Singletary


  • Conf C-USA
  • Jersey #5
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs




    Feet - Operates from a balanced base with good width. Consistently keeps his feet moving through contact and works for extra yards. Makes smooth cuts and gets outstanding width on jump cuts. Does not illustrate consistency altering his tempo and burst off his plant foot is underwhelming for his style. Doesn't have desired acceleration for his profile. Does he have game-breaking speed?

    Vision - Sees the field cleanly and always has a plan with the ball. Has outstanding vision in the hole, makes good decisions and strings together moves naturally. Has a knack for finding space and making something out of nothing. Most of his runs are horizontal and he does a terrific job of finding creases. Has excellent spatial awareness.

    Pass Protection - Is a willing pass protector but doesn't have the frame necessary to absorb contact and his anchor is questionable. It's difficult to determine what he is coached to do in pass pro, but there were times that he ignored interior threats to work back outside and chip. Doesn't have a skill set that translates favorably to being an impact blocker in pass protection in the NFL.

    Receiving - Surprising that catching the football wasn't a bigger component of his collegiate utilization. Production decreased significantly every year with only six receptions in his final year. Didn't illustrate any limitations when tasked with catching the football and his elusive traits should be favorable for developing a route running skill set.

    Balance - Has eye-popping moments of sustaining himself through contact and absorbing contact. Has smooth and easy body control when executing and stringing together moves. Bounces off defenders and has no issues gathering himself to continue up the field.

    Elusiveness - Rare elusive traits and agility in space. Smooth and easy change of direction skills that take advantage of his creativity as a runner. He does well to glide and make cuts but his modest quickness is odd for profile.

    Power - A bit of a finesse runner but he isn't shy of contact. Does well to set up tacklers and make it difficult to square him up, creating advantageous scenarios for him to win after contact. Runs with a low center of gravity and low pads. Willing to drop his shoulder and challenge tacklers.

    Competitive Toughness - Not a power runner but truly battles. Does well to slip out of and wiggle through contact. Does well to keep his legs churning and compete for yards after contact. Finds ways to get skinny and fall forward.

    Versatility - Has mostly been utilized as zone runner. Receiving skill set is somewhat incomplete and he doesn't project well to pass pro. Has the traits to evolve but is unproven is some critical areas.

    BEST TRAIT - Elusiveness

    WORST TRAIT - Burst relative to size/skill set

    RED FLAGS - None

    Singletary projects most favorably to a zone scheme where he elusive traits, agility and ability to find creases is maximized. While he hasn't been a standout receiver, evolving that component of his game will be critical in carving out a prominent NFL role. For a player of his stature and style, Singletary lacks true game-changing speed and quickness that would be preferred for his profile. His ability to find space and make tacklers miss should warrant touches, but how he develops the rest of his game will define his career and role.

    Round Grade - Third Round Value