Demarcus Christmas

IDL, Florida State

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #90
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 07/04/1995
  • WT 308 lbs



    Run Defense - Has some impressive moments of exploding into contact and controlling the line of scrimmage but there are other times where opponents find leverage points and uproot him. Offers very little in the way of gap penetration skills.

    Pass Rush - Has made almost zero impact as a pass rusher in college and does not project favorably to the next level. Has enough juice and play strength to make an impact but he is severely underdeveloped in terms of deploying pass rush moves.

    Effort - Nobody is going to accuse him of consistently playing with urgency. Ramps it up in certain situations but there are times he packs it in. When the motor is cranked he flashes and impressive ability to reset the line of scrimmage and anchor.

    Hand Technique - Lack of consistency playing with extension takes away from the combating skills he does have. Flashes an occasional rip or swim move but he seldom softens edges. Plays through blocks better than he unhinges.

    Flexibility - Has some straight line burst but he is tight in his lowers. Labors through turns and is sluggish when changing directions. Ball carriers easily cut off him and he struggles to work back against his momentum.

    Play Strength - Immovable when he is leveraged. Capable of owning the line of scrimmage with his powerful anchor. Upper body strength is uninspiring which shows up in his attempts to shed blocks.

    Play Speed - Isn’t a threat to put stress on offensive linemen to mirror him. Will have explosive moments but he doesn’t follow that up with enough functional athletic ability to pursue and be effective.

    Lateral Movement - He’s much more effective in a phone booth. Tight lowers restrict lateral mobility. Do not love his ability to string out zone runs and work down the line of scrimmage.

    Versatility - Like him best as a shade technique in a 4-3 alignment. Offers very little appeal as a penetration-style three-technique. Offers almost no value on passing downs.

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Pass Rush

    RED FLAGS - None

    A three-year starter for Florida State, Christmas’ enjoyed a modest career for the Seminoles. What makes Christmas an appealing NFL prospect is his power at the point of attack as a run defender. He isn’t the biggest interior defender but he anchors well and is capable of resetting the line of scrimmage. With that said, his gap penetration ability is lacking and so is his pass rushing skill set where he made very little impact in college. Christmas’ lack of value on passing downs hurts his valuation immensely.

    Round Grade - Late Day Three