David Montgomery

RB, Iowa State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #32
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 216 lbs





    Feet - Not springy and he often lacks the juice to take advantage of well-timed cuts when attacking space. Controlled and operates from a firm base which enables him to string together moves. Has restrictions in terms of making sharp cuts in tight quarters.

    Vision - Attacks the line of scrimmage with good patience and flashes the ability to manipulate the second level. Despite modest athletic ability and tremendous power, he is overly eager at times to bounce inside tracks outside when lanes are diminishing. Good feel for cutback lanes.

    Pass Protection - Major asset to his game. Steps up and easily absorbs contact while delivering his share of knockout blows. Base is firm and he does well to fit his hands. Has a good feel for processing the rush and helping where it’s most needed.

    Receiving - Hands are soft and reliable. Has proven able to secure receptions cleanly outside his frame. Experienced running routes from the backfield and occasionally from the slot. Isn’t dynamic after the catch but he is reliable for check downs and swing passes.

    Balance - Has a low center of gravity and he easily sustains himself through contact. Aggressive taking on tacklers, running with square pads and excellent forward lean. Is a controlled runner to and through contact.

    Elusiveness - He is balanced and fairly smooth, he just isn’t overly loose, agile or bouncy. Makes ordinary cuts and he doesn’t generate much acceleration off his plant foot. Winning with wiggle and twitch is not part of who he is as a runner.

    Power - Outstanding contact balance and power. Runs angry with the functional strength to power through tacklers. Outstanding strength in his legs to move piles and drag tacklers. Tacklers often pinball off him.

    Competitive Toughness - Maximizes every touch by running behind his pads with good forward lean. Always falls forward and grinds out every inch. Dares tacklers to exchange with him and they are forced with business decisions. He’s tough to tackle.

    Versatility - Reliable receiving skills and ability to pass protect gives him upside on every down. Doesn’t have much upside as an outside runner or space guy. Unlikely to be a homerun threat or produce many big plays dude to speed restrictions.

    BEST TRAIT - Contact Balance

    WORST TRAIT - Burst

    Montgomery was a dominant runner the last two seasons for Iowa State and he’s a fairly simple projection to the next level. He is powerful banger between the tackles with exceptional contact balance and functional strength. A three-down option, Montgomery is a reliable pass protector and he is sure-handed as a receiver. There are athletic restrictions that limit his upside as an outside runner and in space so expecting much in the way of dynamic big plays isn’t likely to be in the cards. Montgomery profiles as the power back in a committee that complements a more elusive runner.

    Round Grade - Third Round Value