David Montgomery

RB, Iowa State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #32
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 216 lbs





    Vision -Can be prone to looking for play-side bounces to the strong side, where backside cuts may provide him with more room. Often presses too quickly and works into the back of his blockers. Stunts his own momentum prematurely when he's forced to read the POA.

    Feet/Change of Direction -Has ability to string his cuts together with effectiveness and shows admirable ability to collect his momentum through one cut and into the next. Does not have a lot of explosion or burst through his cuts, however and can miss holes as a result.

    Durability -Grinder. Really tenacious effort to push up the field, through contact and re-establish his forward push for extra yards. Is a "wear you out" type of back who thrives with high volume and workload. No issues with injury throughout his college career.

    Balance -Has some of the most unbelievable reps in collecting himself off of contact. Runs with a very low center of gravity and shows urgency through the box to stay ready for contact. Aggression to attack tacklers in one on one situations aids his efforts to stay upright.

    Pass Protection -Sturdy. Big, low set hips allow him to coil and convert into contact as a means of putting off a challenge from free runners off the second level. Good effort to step up into the interior gaps and ensure he's afforded his passer with extra space.

    Elusiveness -Slippery and illustrates excellent contact balance. Has eaten tackle challenges in his grill and sustained his balance to work for extra yardage. Pretty fluid in his lateral cuts and knows how to diminish his surface area to absorb blows and wiggle free of tacklers.

    Receiving Ability -Soft hands. Was targeted quite frequently in delayed crossing routes and shows good snap out of his vertical stem to break free against LBs. Was schemed some quick targets with motion to create him touches in space.

    Short Yardage Skill -Can typically be relied upon in "have to have it" short yardage plays to make the first arriving defender miss and ensure he's falling forward. Runs the feet hard and shows really good lower body strength to uproot a tackler and push the pile.

    Football Intelligence -Has struggled to find a lot of room to run throughout course of college career, poor offensive front may have impact on his feel for patience behind the LOS. Has polished supplementary skills in pass pro and in receiving reps out of the backfield.

    Effort -Has set the tone in games with his aggressive rushing. Will physically challenge defenders in the box and isn't one to let his motor die out as the game presses onward. Really like his effort in reps where he doesn't touch the ball, gives equal effort on all fronts.

    BEST TRAIT - Contact Balance

    WORST TRAIT - Vision

    BEST FILM - Washington State (2018)

    WORST FILM - Iowa (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    David Montgomery is an attractive fit in a gap/power rushing offense. Montgomery has some burst restrictions that make him a difficult projection for zone concepts that prevent him from getting quickly into the hole. Montgomery has elite balance and toughness at first contact, cutting out the read of the point of attack can help him be more effective pressing into the second level. Montgomery is an effective pass protector and has some admirable 3rd down skills as well.

    Round Grade - Third Round