Darrell Henderson

RB, Memphis

  • Conf American Athletic - West
  • Jersey #8
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs





    Vision - Effective outside the tackles runner, especially on stretch plays. He will find the crease outside and hit it at an incredible pace. Still effective in between the tackles, but he’ll never quite get to his cutback lane. When he sees a small crease, he’ll easily slice through them. Definitely has the juice to get to the edge at the next level. Overall, his vision is solid.

    Contact Balance / Elusiveness - Super elusive and utilizes his upper body to wipe away tackles. Avoids with his feet as well. Nightmare for safeties to fill on in space. Great ball security and stiff arm to match. His feet rarely stop, and his second efforts result in so many big/explosive plays. Effective contact balance.

    Change of Direction - His vertical cuts and change of direction are incredibly smooth. Seamless cuts on the edge, getting vertical with no wasted movements. Doesn’t rely on lateral movements behind the line of scrimmage, but adept in that area as well.

    Receiving - Showed effectiveness as a wide receiver because of his transitions into a bal carrier and his body control at the catchpoint. Productive in this area throughout college, though he wasn’t counted on to fill this role as often because of the presence of Tony Pollard.  

    Pass Protection - Outstanding effort as a blocker. Maintains a sound base, and plays with physicality. Henderson was even counted on to block in the open field, which he showed effectiveness there as well.

    Best Trait - Elusiveness

    Worst Trait - Inside Runs

    Best Film - UCF (2018)

    Red Flags - N/A

    Round Grade - 2nd Round

    Summary - Henderson

    Henderson is a versatile, productive prospect who had boatloads of positive college tape. He’s dynamic outside the tackles, but has the contact balance and power to operate inside as well. While he’s a bit undersized, few running backs have his feet and lower body strength. With experience and versatility as far as scheme fit goes, I’m fully confident that Henderson will realize success at the next level.