Damien Lewis


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #68
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 329 lbs



    PROS: Thick and powerful. Dominates in drive block situations. Love the way he unlocks his hips and accelerates his feet to create vertical push and widen run lanes. Aggressive worker in the run game but does a great job of staying controlled. Sets a consistent base and generally plays with low pads which helps him take over if his hands are fit. Has the mean streak and maulers mentality. Always looks for work and he has some nasty moments as a down blocker. Drops a firm anchor to absorb power. 

    CONS: Lateral mobility and range is missing. Likely only a fit for gap power blocking schemes. NFL interior rushers will get to his edges and stress his foot speed with consistency. Not a consistent worker in space and longer pulls may not be in his wheelhouse. Overly wide feet in pass protection make it difficult for him to stay square. Awareness in pass protection has room for improvement. Has to develop more consistency with his punch and he too frequently gets outreached and gives up his chest. 

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Lateral Quickness

    RED FLAGS - None

    LSU right guard Damien Lewis has the makings of a starter for a team that employs a power blocking run scheme where his ability to move bodies against their will and lack of lateral mobility to execute in zone fit best. While his anchor is stout, Lewis doesn’t have ideal foot speed or redirect ability to keep pass rushers off his edges so there are some natural limitations to be aware of and his overall range is fairly limited. There is so much to like about the edge he plays the game with but more technical growth is needed. I can envision Lewis being a standout in the right scheme, but development is key to accentuate his power components and mitigate concerns over his mobility.