Collin Johnson

WR, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #9
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 09/23/1997
  • WT 221 lbs




    PROS: Big physical WR that displays good overall athleticism for the position. He uses excellent length and excellent catch radius in contested catch situations. He shows sufficient play speed on 8 and 9 routes while also displaying good tracking ability to locate the football in the air. He will use his big body to catch a 6 route and absorb contact. Displays good willingness and courage to give up his body to secure off targeted throws. Very good competitiveness to make difficult catches at critical moments in the game. He will be a red-zone nightmare for defenders due to his big body and ability to go get the football anywhere on the field. Will body defender in slant/fade situations. Displays very good body control to track back shoulder fades and will win most 50/50 jump balls on fades on the goal line. This is an “X” WR, however, he projects with the type of frame to put on 20 pounds and could become a Move “TE” in the NFL. He would be a problematic match up for some safeties due to his size and athleticism.

    CONS: Needs to improve at defeating press off the LOS. Possession receiver that lacks good RAC ability. Doesn’t create a lot of separation vs man coverage. Needs to be more consistent “stacking” DBs on 9 routes when he has released off the LOS.  Typically relies on his body to box out defenders. Needs to be more consistent at using his excellent length to extend on his catches. Has some instances of allowing the ball into his frame. Due to his lack of elite separation in certain areas of the field, these could be PBUs in the NFL.

    Updated: 10/27/2019