Collin Johnson

WR, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #9
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 09/23/1997
  • WT 215 lbs






    PROS: Dominates press coverage using an arsenal of hand usage at the line of scrimmage to keep his chestplate clean. Rarely will a jam slow his stem, which allows him to get vertical and into his route break. Beginning to develop the efficiency of his breaks at the top of his routes, with sunken hips and crisp cuts for a bigger wide receiver. At his best when able to snap off vertical routes on curls and comebacks.

    Johnson has excellent body control when attacking the catchpoint, utilizing his length to create a massive catch radius. One of the best receiver prospects I have ever scouted in stretching his body horizontally to make diving receptions. Consistent contested catch winner in all levels of the field, with the ability to position in frame in desirable spots to make plays despite the presence of defensive backs. Easily plucks the ball out of the air with natural hands, effortlessly extending his hands with late stabs. Constantly positioning his hands well at the catchpoint with full extension.

    Active, physical blocker who is looking to finish blocks and work through the whistle. Brings a strong initial punch and drives defenders back to create space for ball carrier. Good lateral mover who can mirror and cut off pursuit of potential tacklers with the length in his arms.

    CONS: Unsure and sometimes slow route stems that generally don’t threaten the leverage of defensive backs and limits his route tree. Doesn't possess elite burst out of his stance. Though he has developed some flashes of threatening the leverage of defensive backs, it will come and go far too often. Despite being a smooth runner, doesn’t have those seamless vertical and horizontal cuts because of his length. Will work to stack defenders as he passes them vertically, but needs consistency in this area as he will occasionally allow clear paths for the defensive back to recover.

    Almost needs to be in a position that forces full extension or contested catches to release his potential. Otherwise, he has a small tendency to let the ball come into his body and doesn’t reach away from his chestplate. Has begun to attack the football in the air with more of al alpha mentality, but there will still be occasional flashes of body catches.