Chuba Hubbard

RB, Oklahoma State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #30
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 06/11/1999
  • WT 207 lbs


    PROS: Zippy player with a lot of juice. Has easy agility in tight spaces and some joystick-like movement skills when stringing moves together and working off of instinct. Patient runner who will not try to force plays into space and regularly makes the correct first read. Highly effective between the tackles because of his quickness, effectiveness in tight spaces, and willingness to burrow and drive to pick up positive yardage. Retains velocity and accelerates around the corner with great success, illustrating flexible lower half and generally strong athleticism. Has plus contact balance and a well-built frame throughout, though he isn’t necessarily a powerful player. Versatility highlighted as Justice Hill’s foil in 2018: was active in the receiving game and as a returner.

    CONS: Not overwhelming in terms of lower-body drive and long speed as physical attributes. Will not breakaway third level runs easily and seems to lack a true “top-gear.” Ineffective blocker who does not like to go head up on contact and prefers to cut block or chip — plays like a player smaller than his listed size. Would like to see an increased willingness as a runner to lower his shoulder and initiate contact when a tackle is oncoming — ends runs by stepping out of bounds when opportunity for extra yards post-contact are there. Interested to see expanded role as a check down receiver in new, starting position.

    Updated: 07/22/19