Chuba Hubbard

RB, Oklahoma State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #30
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 06/11/1999
  • WT 207 lbs


    Pros (+): Highly patient runner. Understands the importance of blocking schemes and isn’t a runner that just runs just to be running. Aware of how and where pullers are expected to maneuver and assignments that they are tasked with. Is able to remain patient, but accelerate once getting a proper read from blockers ahead of him. Terrific vision and hardly ever misses running lanes when they appear. Allows holes to form, but isn’t impatient with allowing them to come into form. Operates very well in tight spaces with the functional mobility in order to avoid quickly changing avenues. Patient, but able to avoid incoming collisions or defenders that are seeking and entering the box to wreak havoc. Is excellent with taking the easy yardage that’s offered to him, but his quick mind plus body reactions enable him to pick up extra yards in tight spaces. His track speed shows up often when reaching the second and third levels. He has the long speed in order to maximize runs and finish them with touchdowns. Hubbard is a wide/outside zone extraordinaire. He’s able to consistently explode through the first level and is one of those prospects that constantly blows past the competition. 

    Cons (–): While he’s highly aware of where to fit in during pass protection assignments, his technique and violence while doing so remains inconsistent. When no threats are apparent and he concludes scanning through his  protection rules, Hubbard struggles with understanding where he fits into passing concepts. As a result, he can become a bit of a play watcher. Hubbard isn’t a natural hands catcher and there can be some occurrences where he fights the ball prior to securing it. An improvable factor in his game, but he needs to become more reliable in that area  and show growth within it during his final season.