Charlie Woerner

TE, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #89
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 251 lbs


    Route Running - He's not going to stress coverage and does not have the athletic burst to get defenders back on their heels. He does not have the size to be a true bully and mismatch receiver when working at the top of his route stems, either. Receiving production isn't a usage issue — he's a non-factor in the pass game.

    Hands - He's got good size to his mitts and does have the ability to pluck the ball but he loses a lot of his appeal in contested situations and labors to catch away from his frame. His catch radius is diminished due to a lack of wingspan, too — will struggle to bail out his passer on inaccurate passes.

    Versatility - He's got enough mobility to serve as a move piece and fold across formations after the snap to pick up blocks but don't expect him to thrive as an every down player. In a pinch, you can probably get by with him as a plug-in who can execute on dirty work and scrap it up as a blocker.

    Contested Catch Ability - He has yet to get high frequency of reps to prove himself here but early returns are poor and indicate ineffectively play to create the needed late separation via hand fighting and a lack of successful catches by reaching to the ball and beating defenders to the spot.

    RAC Ability - Unimaginative runner that will catch, turn up field and take what is available. Expecting him to rumble through tackle attempts or cut and break contain is ambitious, he lacks the athletic profile and the experience with the ball in his hands to thrive in this kind of role.

    Power at POA - He's scrappy and like the way he persists to push the issue and stay attached to bodies — but he's not impressive with ability to roll hips through contact and his lack of reach will result in him getting stacked by defenders in one on one scenarios in the box — restricting his control of blocks.

    Competitive Toughness - Blue collar player, the kind of guy you want to have in your back pocket to do the little things. That said, his functional play strength is modest. He does bring good pop on angular blocks and if he catches you on one he'll get half a step to create a crease up front. Will hold his own but not a bully.

    Flexibility - Appreciate his controlled ability to peel back onto bodies that shoot into his area. There's adequate adjustment to the football as well — he's not rigid in his efforts to twist or contort as necessary in space. He has sufficient hip roll through contact.

    Balance - Will strain and look to create movement but that comes at the cost of controlling his posture — will get caught getting out over the top of his toes. As a route runner, he does not offer fluid change of direction and looks labored to pick his way through breaks and the top of routes.

    Football IQ - High game usage but a low target receiver for the entirety of his time at UGA. The fact that he's not developed more acumen in the pass game is a concern and indicates we may be pressed up against a glass ceiling here. If we aren't, I'm not sure I'm buying high to find out. 


    Best Trait - Competitive Toughness

    Worst Trait - Production

    Best Film - Georgia Tech (2019)

    Worst Film - LSU (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Charlie Woerner projects as a low-end move TE at the NFL level. Woerner offers sufficient effort, some modest stickiness as a blocker and the needed short area mobility to win on the second level. But he lacks the dynamic mobility to separate as a pass catcher and defeat man coverage and his catch radius is minimal at best. Woerner's role at the NFL level will be handcuffed due to size restrictions and will make it difficult for him to stick on an active roster. 

    Updated: 04/18/2020