Charles Snowden

LB, Virginia

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'7"
  • DOB 03/27/1998
  • WT 235 lbs



    Pros - Insane length and he generally does well to use it, especially as a run defender. Capable of winning with first contact, placing his hands, playing with extension and keep opponents away from his frame. Fairly reliable edge-setter that maintains outside leverage. Some positive flashes in zone coverage drops defending the hook/curl and flats. Sharply reads the backfield and gets his long arms in throwing lanes. Illustrates the ability to take tight angles in pursuit and finish although there are some lapses. Features a massive tackle radius and he routinely finishes outside his frame. Underdeveloped in terms of his pass rushing skill set but he makes some dynamic turns cornering the outside edge track where his feet catch well outside his frame. 

    Cons - Super lean and while it's not always restrictive, when he doesn’t win with first contact he can get worked in the run game. Needs to add mass and play strength. He’s high-hipped which leads to leggy backpedals and some elongated transitions. Must pedal with better leverage. Long-levers can work against him in coverage drops and his economy of motion is affected. Unrefined with his pass rushing technique. Lacks a plan when rushing off the edge and his footwork needs an overhaul. Rarely gets enough depth in his initial steps to simply win races around the arc which is often his plan. Too many bull rushes for a guy who doesn’t offer much in the way of speed to power conversion. Goes through the motions and lacks assertion when stunting. Raw and underdeveloped at this point as a pass rusher but the traits are present for him to make an impact. 

    Updated 07/29/19