Carlos Davis

IDL, Nebraska

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #96
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 08/22/1996
  • WT 320 lbs


    Hand Technique - Lacks the ideal length to play a true nose and stack up blocks with power. His punch power is notable however, using his compact build to his advantage and uncorking heavy hands. He's not a shed defender to snatch or push/pull blockers out of gaps but he's sufficient with punch to neutralize.

    Competitive Toughness - He's fine until you ask him to start to flow or scrape with the play — lack of high end mobility hurts him here and he'll get run off the line trying to scrape. In short spaces, he'll do just fine even though he doesn't play with the best center of gravity you'd expect from a stocky build.

    Two Gap Ability - He can stack you just fine. Getting off the block and finishing the play is a different story. Think he'll be fine as a short yardage defender and stuff up interior blockers but if you're looking for someone who will shuck and make plays in the gap, he's not especially effective here.

    Gap Penetration - Surprising amount of burst for his stature and he can overwhelm lightweight centers on the interior if drawing head up assignments in one on one. But otherwise he doesn't have the sustained juice or twitch to play through the contact or redirect to work himself into plays outside his immediate vicinity.

    Tackling - Tackle radius is small and really amplified but his lack of lateral agilities. Will not be a consistent finisher and light contact can run him past his landmarks in a true finesse role — doesn't have the finishing tenacity to play through light contact and rack up negative plays.

    Flexibility - Underwhelming here. His pad level at the point of attack can be hit or miss and as a result his play as a congestion creator is intermittent. Would love to see some more lean and power through the lean to collapse angles but that's generally outside his realm of mobility as an athlete without cutting some weight.

    Pass Rush Counters - Does not offer a lot of imagination as a pass rusher and as a result his production comes from bullying smaller blockers or on second and third effort when passers are flushed into his lap. Very vanilla and power oriented rush mentality no matter if he's in full or half man alignment.

    First Step Explosiveness - A little something extra here versus what you'd think, especially considering his frame. But his functional application of it is only consistent and effective in straight lines and as soon as you ask him to get off the tracks and redirect, he loses a lot of his burst and twitchiness.

    Feet/COD - Redirection skills are modest and his lateral range moves approximately B-gap to B-gap. His ability to string out blocks is tempered down by his lack of foot speed and his ability to peel back across his momentum is significantly lagged to stay in his gap as the blocking front is stretched.

    Versatility - Will be in his element as a true nose tackle and occupying space. He doesn't have a lot of appeal on third downs on account of his lack of pass rush variety and burst. In a perfect world he's an early down nose tackle who commands 25-30% of snaps and serves as a short yardage defender. 


    Best Trait - Hand Power

    Worst Trait - Pass Rush Skills

    Best Film - Minnesota (2019)

    Worst Film - Iowa (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Carlos Davis projects as a low end interior IDL at the pro level. Davis' pass rush pallet is too stale to ignore and his general lack of fluidity and mobility on the interior will cause problems for a team looking to find value for anyone other than a pure interior plug. Without lateral range, Davis is a sitting duck on the interior and doesn't possess the necessary gravitational pull to warrant consideration as a starting nose tackle. As a result, he's more of a bottom of the roster prospect. 

    Updated: 03/23/2020