Cam Akers

RB, Florida State

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB 06/22/1999
  • WT 212 lbs






    Feet - Has plenty of bounce in his step and he can make dynamic cuts. That said, the erratic offensive line play and design of the Florida State run scheme didn’t allow for him to trust play the play design and his feet can get overly antsy. Generally does well to get himself square when addressing contact. 

    Vision - Anxious to see how this improves with better blocking and design at the NFL level. Plenty of reps where he unnecessarily gets off script and looks to bounce touches. Cadence in his footwork reveals very little about his ability to manipulate the second level and help make his blockers right. 

    Pass Protection - Has all the physical ability to be a standout pass blocker but reps are often dreadful. Lacks awareness when reading the defense and good coordinators put him in conflict and he usually took the wrong man. Can be passive to lean in with a shoulder instead of getting square, engaging his hands and leveraging his hips. Needs to get coached up. 

    Receiving - Found some production as a pass catcher at Florida State but he was often an afterthought more than a priority in the scheme/progressions. Timing and execution of routes has to improve. Hands appear adequate although I wouldn’t expect him to make difficult adjustments with consistency. 

    Balance - No concerns is built for his physical style of running and he does well to take on contact with square pads and leverage. Demonstrates good body control through his jukes and contact. 

    Elusiveness - Has impressive juice and wiggle for a man of his stature. Makes dynamic cuts outside his frame and generates explosive burst off them. Impressive ability to shake free from tacklers and completely make them whiff. 

    Power - Dude packs a punch. Runs with square pads and leverage when exploding into contact. Defensive backs have a business decision to make getting in his way in the open field. Always falls forward and finishes. 

    Competitive Toughness - Things need to kick up several notches in pass protection but he’s a grinder as a ball carrier. Ran behind an egregious offensive line and poorly designed scheme and kept battling. Brings the fight to tacklers. 

    Versatility - Has no physical limitations to execute in any role. That said, he has a lot to prove before I would use him heavily in a zone scheme. Immediate impact likely comes in a gap scheme. Has room to grow as a receiver. 

    BEST TRAIT - Size, Power, Athleticism 

    WORST TRAIT - Pass Pro 

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Mark Ingram

    When it comes to physical ability, Akers has everything an NFL team could want in a running back. Unfortunately, those traits weren’t able to be fully deployed behind an erratic offensive line at Florida State and a poorly designed scheme from Willie Taggart. While Akers has an extremely high ceiling, some patience may be required as he evolves in a better situation to showcase his talent. In addition, Akers has to develop his passing down skill set. Akers has no physical limitations and he profiles as a productive starter in time.