Byron Murphy

CB, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #1
  • Class RS Sophomore
  • HT 6'0''
  • DOB 01/18/1998
  • WT 175 lbs





    Feet - Exceptionally balanced and quick feet. Blends patience with clean transitions and elite burst. Explosive plant and drive skills when breaking forward. Has no issues pattern matching and his change of direction ability is rare.

    Man Coverage - Blends quickness and fluidity with astute mirroring skills. Has a natural feel for anticipating routes with the ability to remain in phase with anyone. Often finishes running the route for the receiver. Sticky and competitive.

    Tackling - Closes in on receivers with purpose and intent. Has a consistently low aiming point. Rarely gives up large amounts of separation so not only can he close in a hurry but the distance is often minimal. Plays well above his weight class. There are some reps on tape where he unnecessarily leaves his feet and dives into the ball carrier instead of squaring and wrapping up.

    IQ/Awareness - Tremendous ability to anticipate routes. Knows how to layer coverage and squeeze throwing lanes. Finds the football in the air. Has a natural feel to coverage spacing and knows how to leverage routes. Diagnoses route combinations rapidly with an understanding of what the play concept is intended to achieve and how to take that away.

    Physicality - Willing to mix it up in the contact widow, use his hands to redirect routes, crowd receivers and play a disruptive style of football. Plays above his weight class when corners are aggressive with him at the release or at the top of routes. Brings good contact power for his size.

    Ball Skills - Modest length works against him but has a natural feel for the balls arrival and how to extend his arms and disrupt at the catch point. Plays with precise timing and technique when breaking on the football. Mitts are reliable to secure interceptions. Game slows down for him at the catch point. Does well to scrape at the football as an assisted tackler.

    Press Technique - Will stalk receivers at the line of scrimmage and operates from a balanced base. Gets his hands into the framework of the receiver to achieve firm jams. Has redirect power in his hands. Recovery speed allows him to be aggressive.

    Flexibility - Loose and fluid in his hips, ankles and torso. Has smooth and explosive change of direction skills and cleanly transitions. Plays with great bend and leverage. Springy and explosive mover. He glides moving in all directions.

    Versatility - Can fit in any scheme and play any technique at a high level. Love him in zone, press, man, off-man... he does it all. Can be a touch more consistent in run support but it's a fairly minor gripe. Has been an effective blitzer and features tremendous ball skills.

    BEST TRAIT - Coverage

    WORST TRAIT - Run Support


    Murphy's fluidity, quickness, speed, ability to mirror routes, press technique, zone awareness and ball skills make him a scheme-transcendent talent. He features lockdown coverage skills with the ability to make game-changing plays on the football. He may have only started 20 games in college but his football IQ and athletic ability is good enough to contribute right away. Murphy has the potential to be among the top cornerbacks in the NFL by year three.