Bryan Edwards

WR, South Carolina

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #89
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'2''
  • DOB 11/13/1998
  • WT 205 lbs


    PROS: Size, length and strength are outstanding for a true X receiver. Outstanding body control to adjust to off-target or back shoulder throws. Go-up-and-get-it ability. Able to make contested catches with hang-time and flexibility in mid-air. Unbothered by contact and will use his frame to his advantage in combat spots.

    Good attention to detail as a route runner, selling vertically, dropping his hips, making his route breaks at full speed, etc. Catches the ball with his hands outside his frame and won’t let many balls get away from him. Creative and a fighter after the catch. Good vision and enough athleticism to maximize his touches.

    Willing and physical blocker. Good technique and keeps his base square and feet moving to continue to work for more advantageous positioning. Competitor who plays every snap hard and will sacrifice his body for a catch. Works a release plan against press coverage with quick feet and some creativity (albeit wasted motion at times).

    CONS: How good of an athlete is Edwards? The build-up speed is clear, but as hard as he pushes vertically, the easy acceleration in his game just isn’t there. Doesn’t threaten corners vertically as much as you’d like, making separation on back-to-the-ball routes more difficult. Need to know if he can consistently separate against man coverage in a full route tree. In college, results were hit-and-miss.

    Not truly elusive in space on a consistent basis. Fair to wonder what his releases will look like against more physical corners. In five games, I watched him against press a lot, but nobody got their hands on him and really challenged him off the line of scrimmage. Has some footwork to make more efficient in his releases.