Brock Purdy

QB, Iowa State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey --
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 12/27/1999
  • WT 202 lbs


    Pros (+): In Purdy’s throwing process, there isn’t much knee bend associated with his base, but it doesn’t have a negative effect on his throwing motion. Playing with more of an upright nature, he stands tall and fires quickly after. His high posture and straight up nature enable him to calmly survey the field even though his feet go quiet moments prior to the throwing point. If unable to find targets in his immediate progression, Purdy has natural instincts of exploring and escaping all avenues. He’s shown the ability to escape vertically, but also incorporates a spin out of the pocket in order to discover new surfaces to throw from. When breaking contain and close to coming into contact with defenders, he deploys an effective pump fake that gets defenders off of their feet and enables him reset and find new targets downfield while scrambling. He has a unique feel for throws between the hashes and the precision with knowing where targets are going to be prior to their arrival. 

    Cons (–): A lot of Purdy’s success comes over the middle of the field. Throws outside of the hashes and numbers aren’t as frequent and may become even more challenging on the next level. Purdy’s pocket patience and allowance of concepts to unfold need a significant amount of work. His mental clock often expires prematurely and he can see phantom pressure that never materializes around him. This trait leads to him unnecessarily escaping the pocket and original launch point even though protected cleanly. Because of his premature decisions, he places himself in disadvantageous situations that result in being in no man’s land. He isn’t an overly athletic runner. He’s consistent with keeping his eyes down the field and hardly ever glances down at the rush, but it’s easy to tell how he anticipates hits being delivered to his body with the way he falls away from his intended targets. As a result, he often falls off platform and his accuracy suffers because he doesn’t have the arm strength in order to still get it there amid the the chaos. Purdy’s escape attempts are of the belief that he has more wiggle than he actually does. A very loose and careless ball carrier, he often carries the ball with one hand and exposes it to many. Fumbles may be an issue later down the line if not corrected. He isn’t prone to slide, but isn’t afraid of exposing his body to incoming contact.