Brian Lewerke

QB, Michigan State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #14
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 10/24/1996
  • WT 216 lbs




    Arm Accuracy - Accuracy issues abound, will leave throws inside on patterns working to the boundary and will miss even routine throws into the flat or targeted in the shallows on basic timing routes. Skittish presence in the pocket will cause him to fall away from a lot of throws. 

    Decision Making - Will allow pressure to frazzle him and gets frantic trying to avoid taking sacks or getting beat up inside the pocket. Will put the ball at risk with extended plays in the pocket and also as a thrower while in the grasp or staring down the barrel. 

    Progressions - Consistency here leaves you wanting more and there's too many instances of him holding the ball too long in the pocket. Has had most of his success with built in RPOs or moving pocket concepts where the field (and reads) are cut in half to simplify things. 

    Anticipation - Spot throws aren't really where he's going to make a big impact but slant ball is probably his best pass. He's got some vertical touch and timing to his credit. Needs more attentiveness at the line to understand his hot read and checks versus pressure package. 

    Poise - Isn't a player that thrives under pressure or when he's forced to get off script. He's best on quick game concepts where the ball comes out hot and you minimize his hits by the opposition. He's very streaky and seems to need a few easy throws to build the confidence up. 

    Arm Strength - He's actually got some juice to his arm when he's clean with delivery but when he gets off script and looks to work throws with just his arm, the ball often dies on him — even on shorter targets and it will one-hop to the target. Doesn't have the natural arm strength to slot throws. 

    Pocket Awareness - Does not illustrate a desirable feel for the rush or the anticipation within the pocket to slide his feet or move away from pressure without dropping his eyes to scan his surroundings. Anticipatory feel has steadily regressed over last two seasons.  

    Mechanics - Everything goes haywire after the first few hits. He'll get the ball out by any means necessary but doesn't find finishing touch in these cases. Needs to find his rhythm as a passer to not rush his delivery if he hopes to improve upon accuracy issues the litter his tape. 

    Footwork - He's a mess here. You watch his base crumble beneath him as he feels the pocket collapsing around him and he needs to be more attentive to resetting his feet and aligning himself to his target. Prone to fading off his back foot or falling off the pitcher's mound on delivery. 

    Mobility - He's super slippery as a runner. Has been called upon on QB designed runs via zone read, RPOs and also on speed option looks. He's got good burst and is a natural athlete that can succeed as a runner of the football more so than he can as a pocket passer. 


    Best Trait - Run Ability

    Worst Trait - Arm Accuracy

    Best Film - Washington State (2017)

    Worst Film - Wisconsin (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Brian Lewerke does not project as an NFL quarterback. Despite promising flashes during his rSoph season in 2017, Lewerke has done nothing but regress under a poorly organized Michigan State offensive coaching staff. Lewerke has intriguing natural athleticism but his arm talent does not show with consistency and severe lapses in mechanics, poise and decision making all make him far too big of a developmental project to warrant draft consideration.  

    Updated: 12/23/2019