Bobby Evans

OT, Oklahoma

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #71
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 299 lbs



    Pass Sets – Smooth athlete in the open field who has the needed COD skills to mirror pass rushers in space. Can be a little too casual driving out of stance and as a result challenged unnecessarily off the edge. Occupies ample space as anchor in slide protection as a seal block.

    Length/Extension – Length could be better optimized with better timing in the hands. Will be late to catch in some instances and fail to dictate the rep. Natural length and recovery with wingspan to ride out defenders is a huge plus, can be a pest in riding defenders in zone rushing concepts.

    Balance – Would like to see some better awareness of breaking down on the second level to ensure he connects on blocks. Active feet allow for adjustments once locking horns. Would love to see more commitment to keeping feet tethered and not hop through initial blow.

    Hand Technique – Can be late on occasion with the hands. When able to time up a punch offers a ton of power thanks to long anatomical levers. Has awareness with hands to yank and pull defenders out of space and create a walled off lane for ball carriers. Very strong grip at extension.

    Power at POA – Will explode out of stance in pure drive block reps to create a lot of push. Power comes from athleticism and dynamic burst, isn't a raw power player. Second effort once establishing momentum allows for clean finishes of wash out blocks and potential pancakes.

    Football IQ – Handles twists, stunts, transitions and combo blocks very effectively. Has been tasked with playing each side of the line of scrimmage in the past two seasons, taking over on the left side with departure of Orlando Brown Jr. Active communicator up front to work through calls.

    Functional Athleticism – Terrific mobility. Is arguably the team's best puller and shows the mobility to hug the LOS tight and turn up the field to greet crashing LBs or trap linemen. Nimble feet when engaged on the second level and has high frequency of sustained blocks in the open field.

    Anchor Ability – Can be a bit late to drop the hips and if caught not establishing the blow can have narrowed base that prevents quick recovery. Athleticism is present to reset the feet but needs to continue to add polish to angles on the edge to ensure he's ready to drop hips at any point.

    Flexibility – Shows excellent hip hinge to work across the face of defenders as both a puller and in zone concepts up front. Capable of sling-shotting defenders and has the needed mobility through the hips and core to play with strength at extended positions.

    Competitive Toughness – Brings a strong effort once locked into a hand fight, regardless of the play type or assignment. Works hard to cut off a defender late and protect his quarterback. Will roll through forward push to finish in power concepts. Isn't easy to collapse, even if caught without hands.

    BEST TRAIT – Functional Athleticism

    WORST TRAIT – Hand Technique

    BEST FILM – Iowa State (2018)

    WORST FILM – Texas (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Bobby Evans projects as a starting Left Tackle in the NFL. His functional athleticism, length and ability in the run game are all plus traits that should be centerpieces of Evans' usage in the NFL. An NFL team would be wise to focus on improving his initial release out of his stance to protect him from compromising his pass sets. As a result, there may be some growing pains in his initial transition to the NFL. Has all the needed tools to be a successful long term starter in the league.