Austin Jackson


  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #73
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 05/17/1999
  • WT 310 lbs




    Austin aligns at Left Tackle for the Trojan Offense. He demonstrates good overall athleticism evidenced in his movement skills in space.  He also displays ideal length for the perimeter. In the run game, he has very good initial quickness out of his stance. He does a good job holding the point of attack. He is good on combo blocks and easily climbs to the second level. From a technical standpoint he needs to become more consistent with his execution. His good athleticism saves him when his technique falters. When his technique is good, his hands are right and his pad level is good he will get vertical movement on drive blocks. He easily gets to the second level on the backside of run plays and does a good job getting on LBs in space. Id like to see him become more of a finisher in the run game and play with a nastier streak. In the passing game he has a sufficient short set anchor. He doesn’t bend exceptionally well and at times shows some balance issues. For a good athlete, he was on the ground some in the exposures I graded and had instances of getting his shoulders over his toes. He has a sufficient punch but shows good latch strength in his hands. He plays with a good base and has good anticipatory skills for twists and games. He does a very good job redirecting laterally on a defenders counter or inside move. In the NFL he is a starter at either Tackle position. Improving his hand placement and overall play strength will help him at the next level. 

    Updated: 04/05/2020