Antonio Gandy-Golden

WR, Liberty

  • Conf FBS Independents
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 222 lbs




    Route Running: Below-average route runner both in terms of variety and the execution thereof. Asked to run slants, comebacks, and nine routes, almost exclusively from outside alignments. Does not have plus movement skills to snap off breaks and is often lethargic through angles; stems too far outside/inside when looking to generate leverage and limits his own space to work with. Does not seem to have a good sense of timing on slants and will get lazy with his footwork/landmarks, again limiting his own space. Projects to a very limited NFL role accordingly.

    Release: Struggles mightily against press coverage. Bellies out far and wide when looking to avoid contact but lacks the necessary quicks to separate from contact. Stays upright through punches and allows opponent to get into his frame, stemming his vertical push and rerouting his path down the field. Does recruit his hands to help disengage but all too often gets into shoving/hand-fighting situations that can lead to penalties and fail to generate separation. Has subpar foot speed and does not have any release moves outside of a jab step.

    Physicality: Willing to play through contact when elevating in the air or boxing out for positioning on a jumpball. Has good length and NFL size to big boy smaller corners, though reps against oversized CBs could prove debilitating to his style of play. Has some good rumble to him with the ball in his hands and again benefits from a plus size profile. Doesn't show a plus ability to fight through contact in the contact window against both press and off coverage.

    Hands: Well hot diggity he can snag it. Makes one-handed and full-extension catches routinely and clearly has strong mitts to freeze and control the ball immediately on contact. Guilty of clapping the ball at times when it's far away from his frame, but generally addresses the ball with proper technique away from his frame. Great technique in attacking the ball at the height of his jumping and ripping it away from contact.

    Functional Athleticism: Not an inspiring NFL athlete. Does not have the linear acceleration or long speed to be a downfield separator, which is bad news given that the nine ball is his bread-and-butter; will have to rely on back-shoulders. Has good stride length but it saps from his lateral quickness and change of direction ability. Has plus strength and size which serves him well as a blocker and a jump-ball candidate. Length is sublime.

    RAC: Not much of a tackle-breaker and definitely not much of a make-you-miss player. Infrequently targeted on designed run-after-catch plays and rarely runs away from opponents. Has good strength to withstand glancing contact and drag tacklers, though is too upright and top-heavy to really break tackles head-on.

    Catch Radius: Out of this world. Concentration and timing when elevating for balls above his head seemingly never fails him. Does very well to elevate at angles to address the ball at safe locations away from the defenders and can secure and control catches without every bringing the ball back into his frame given grip strength and concentration. Makes good grabs when crossing outside of his frame as well, and can quickly transition to a runner. Works well on the sideline and regularly makes NFL catches with good length and body control.

    Track/Adjust: Haven't seen it fail him yet. Gets initial positioning successfully on contested balls and tracks over his shoulder with natural instinct. Does really well to use leverage to keep defenders from playing on the football and can elevate and rotate simultaneously to address the football with the best possible angles. Is physical working back to underthrows and will get aggressive in the air to prevent interceptions. Keeps a good feel for the sideline when working to inaccurate boundary throws.

    Blocking: Length and size let him win against average and smaller corners, though there isn't much finish or drive to his game. Rarely loses his chest and gets bodied, however, given his size. Flatfooted at times when stalk-blocking but has the size to recover.


    Round Grade: Incomplete 

    Best Trait: Catch Radius

    Worst Trait: Release

    Pro Comparison: Jalen Robinette

    Summary: Antonio Gandy-Golden is a late-round prospect for a team looking for a jumpball specialist downfield and in the red zone, but it's tough to imagine him being much more at the NFL level. Gandy-Golden has little to no experience with a complex route tree, nor does he have the physical profile that lends itself to becoming a plus route runner. While players can survive by being experts in the vertical third of routes, Gandy-Golden isn't running away from NFL athletes, and even with his near-elite track/adjust and catch radius abilities, will struggle to find such success with NFL CBs unless he improves his releases. Gandy-Golden is a fringe development prospect who may struggle to stick in camp.

    Updated: 11/24/19