Antoine Winfield Jr.

S, Minnesota

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #11
  • Class RS Sophomore
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB 08/16/1998
  • WT 195 lbs




    Coverage Spacing - He doesn't have the most potent burst or range to flow in space but you definitely can work with him in split safety role and his quick processor allows him to shade and jump throws with consistency. He's got a knack for attacking and undercutting the ball with good angles to crash the party and pluck away the football.

    Acceleration - His long speed isn't an area where he's going to hang his hat — he's more quick than he is fast. But his short area agility allows him to buzz down into gaps or into the path of routes and disrupt the play effectively to disrupt or get into desirable run fits from the fringes of the hash marks.

    Tackling - A few instances of gearing down late or dropping his head but he's a fairly sure tackler who is confident locking horns with bigger dudes and runs the feet through contact for confident finishes. His run fills from the second level are quite nice and he's eager to stick his face into the fire and challenge the ball carrier.

    Zone Coverage Skills - Played a lot of deep half and he'll do well there. His eyes are instinctive inside of 10 yards and he'll have the chance to jump some routes in the quick game. His peripheral vision to shade and bait the quarterback is strong and he's rarely caught out of position.

    Ball Skills - He's a hunter here. Frequently takes the ambitious angle to make a play on the ball — it's yielded great results for him thus far. Innate sense of turnover opportunities and cashes in on the regular. He doesn't have ideal length so if he's boxed out at the catch point he's not going to be able to extend and play the ball.

    Competitive Toughness - Dude is a firecracker. A lot of fun to watch him fly into the frame and get in on the action. He's fearless in the box and as a run support defender and his stout tackling provides effective finishes and doesn't often yield extra yards. He's got a good presence in the trail position against TEs as well, not easily bullied.

    Flexibility - Doesn't illustrate elite mobility through his frame when tasked with flipping his hips into pursuit in lateral situations. He's got good coil through his frame to explode and deliver body blows to ball carriers. Body control and contortion tracking the ball is strong.

    Feet/COD - Smooth and fluid — doesn't take a lot of wasted steps and is consistently ready to pounce. His effective cadence in footwork leaves him balanced and ready to redirect as needed. He's got good spring on his bucket step to click and close to attack action in front of his face.

    Man Coverage Skills - Locked up some talented players in shadow coverage, especially against Penn State. Capable of handling big bodies and shows good resistance to not get uprooted off of his landmarks and stay on the body to prevent separation in the MOF or up the seam.

    Versatility - He brings a lot to the table. His lack of elite range cuts down on his upside as a deep FS but working him into nickel reps and subsequently using him in base packages as a strong safety is the expectation. No reason why he can't play nearly full snap count given effective run fills, blitzing and coverage. 


    Best Trait - Football IQ

    Worst Trait - Deep Range

    Best Film - Penn State (2019)

    Worst Film - Iowa (2019)

    Red Flags - 2018 Foot INJ

    Player Summary - Antoine Winfield Jr. brings an established NFL pedigree to the 2020 NFL Draft. His father's exploits clearly left an impression on Winfield Jr. — he's an instinctive player who illustrates a clear feel for the game on the back end. As a deep safety, Winfield Jr. is best in half field coverages but he brings man to man coverage skills against tight ends and is a viable fill defender in the box to step down against the run. He's not an elite athlete but his instincts and discipline will net him splash plays. 

    Updated: 02/08/2020