Anfernee Jennings

EDGE, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #33
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 05/01/1997
  • WT 259 lbs





    PROS: Thickly layered and stout build. Uses his extra thickness in order to hold up at the point of attack and it results in hardly ever being move off of his spots. Loves the physicality part of the game and welcomes it by throwing shoulders into the chest of oncoming contact. When faced against linebackers or running backs, his steps accelerate and it’s evident that he can taste victory with utilizing his overwhelmingly physical mindset. Finesse offensive tackles will have constant issues with him.

    Possesses weighty hands that are extremely powerful in the run game. Is able to latch on and maintain control throughout reps. Strength allows him to keep blockers from inside of his chest, but even when they are able to somehow win inside, he has the muscle in order to readjust and get back into a winning hand positioning.

    CONS: Because of his muscular build and thick skin, his range of motion and hip mobility is limited. Not an edge rusher that prides himself on winning the corner to garner sacks or tackles for loss. Instead, he depends on stacking, while setting a hard edge, which then ends with shedding in hopes of making tackles. Tight hips disable him from being a consistent threat as a pass rusher. When forced to change directions suddenly or dealing with shifty ball carriers, his flaws as a mover and tackler are exposed. 

    Updated: 7/29/19