Andrew Thomas

OT, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #71
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 320 lbs





    Run Blocking - Powerful worker in the run game. Does well to unlock his hips, accelerate his feet and create movement. Lethal working combos and down blocking. Long, physical and aggressive when pushing around SEC defensive linemen. 

    Pass Blocking - Love how he brings the fight in pass protection. Has exciting moments of framing blocks, leveraging his hips and keeping rushers at the end of his reach. There are times with twitchier rushers where he can give up a step and he gets top heavy when recovering, leaving his feet behind. Has some erratic moments reaching his set points, particularly on vertical sets and he fails to get enough depth. Has some room for growth but his peaks are outstanding and he has the physical gifts to improve. 

    Blocking in Space - Only average on pulls/climbs. Can get better with the angles he takes releasing into space so he can more consistently connect with moving targets. If he lands his punch on back seven defenders, it’s game over. 

    Power - Outstanding power throughout his frame. Executes with good leverage and posture to maximize his functional strength. Punches are heavy and violent. Does well to absorb power and anchor in pass pro when he gets squared up. Rarely loses a rep on account of a lack of strength. 

    IQ - Experienced executing pro concepts and techniques. Has been challenged with a variety of pass sets. Aware and alert in pass protection. Keeps his head on a swivel and comes off/pass off blocks as needed. Timing is generally precise and he has a strong understanding of his role within the play. 

    Feet - Has the foot speed needed to win. I wouldn’t call him an explosive mover and he can struggle to keep pace up the arc with speed off the edge so cleaning up his pass sets is necessary. Has to be more consistent with his feet when rushers gain a step instead of being so reliant on his upper body to recover. Love how he keeps his feet engaged in the run game. 

    Hands - Does a wonderful job of playing with extension and winning with first contact. Does well to place and fit his hands. Timing and location of his punch is precise. Delivers powerful punches that stun pads.

    Balance - Has some lapses with body control. Base can narrow and he gets top heavy at times in pass protection. Contact power and balance is generally outstanding in the run game. Easily absorbs power, leverages his hips and showcases a sturdy anchor. 

    Versatility - Profiles as a left tackle at the next level, ideally in a power scheme. May have some challenges in a vertical passing offense where deeper drops from the quarterback are frequent until he cleans up his pass sets. 

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Footwork

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Ronnie Stanley 

    A three-year starter at left tackle for Georgia, Thomas enters the NFL experienced in a pro scheme and executing against the best opponents college football has to offer. As a run blocker, Thomas is outstanding and profiles as an immediate impact blocker in that regard. With that said, there is a need for growth with his footwork in pass protection to develop consistency handling speed. There may be some lowlights early on as he irons out his technique but Thomas has all the gifts needed to become a high quality left tackle in the NFL.