Alton Robinson

EDGE, Syracuse

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #94
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 259 lbs







    PROS: With an explosive first-step, Robinson is still in the beginner stages of figuring things out on the edge. The tools already present in the toolshed are intriguing, but there are lots of ingredients that need to be added in order for him to reach the next levels of his potential. The clay is there to be sculpted and there’s already a sharp start to it. 

    When able to operate from an open surface, his eyes, hand, and feet always work in a synchronized pattern. With plenty of juice off of the line, while freeze framing and staying on his direct line up the field, his eyes are able to decipher the pass set of blockers and it immediately transitions his speed to power by executing certain hand tactics to help give access or an easier pathway to throwers.

    CONS: When blockers are successful with setting a hard edge or beating him to his spots, there’s no sense of redirecting his plans in order to take substitute avenues in order to get home to the quarterback. Setting up outside moves and coming back inside were non-existent. All of Robinson’s moves have to be outside, if not, there’s a minimal effect from him as a pass rusher. 

    While having an effective single move as a pass rusher, he also has more than enough ability in his hands in order to be more violent at the point of attack. Comes and goes because of the unsureness of what to do with them when engaging with blockers. Has the capability of being able to toss the opposition when shedding, but the awareness of when to do it hasn’t manifested yet. 

    Updated: 7/29/19