Akeem Davis-Gaither

LB, Appalachian State

  • Conf Sun Belt - East
  • Jersey #24
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 09/21/1997
  • WT 219 lbs




    Pros: Akeem has very good reactive athleticism for the position. He shows his versatility by aligning as a stacked backer, as an OLB in an odd front scheme, walked out over a WR in sub packages and even aligned in the box. He's an undersized LB but is extremely physical, contact seeking LB against the run. He has good length and very good lateraled agility for the position. Easily gets through trash and to the football in the run game. He's a contact seeker and shows good explosion in his hips as a tackler. He also has good coverage upside on RBs and TE's. Has excellent range for the Linebacker position. His skill set suggests he is ideally suited to play WLB in an even front scheme and projects to be a core special teamer, as well. 

    Cons: Is a little undersized and could afford to add 20 pounds and his frame. However, it looks like he has the frame to carry that. He's so physical and aggressive that sometimes he gets a little overzealous and overruns his fit. But his tenacity and hustle always carry him to the football. his inexperience to the LB position shows as he will attempt to use his athleticism to run around blocks at times, rather than stacking, shedding and maintaining his gap integrity. Has some instances where ht instincts are questionable. This could be from lack of experience in the box. Although he is generally pretty decisive when run has declared, the mental quickness should be researched. 

    Updated: 12/29/2019