A.J. Green

CB, Oklahoma State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #4
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 06/09/1998
  • WT 199 lbs




    Pros: AJ displays sufficient reactive athleticism for the position. His tackling efficiency has been better on the perimeter than it has been against the run. In the passing game, while playing press man, he easily opens his hips and runs upfield with 9 routes on outside releases. In off man, his technique is sufficient. He demonstrates ideal length for the position and good foot quickness. He has a good transition at the top of the route and demonstrates good ball skills when the ball is in the air. This is and outside corner whose skill also projects well as a vice/gunner on special teams.

    Cons: In press man, he needs to be more consistent at being patient, staying square, stab with the off hand and mirror. Improving as a technician will maximize his redeeming attributes in his length, speed and ball skills. Being consistent with his eyes and reading his keys won't make him a target for double moves (technique). He has shown instances of "sitting" at the top of the route. He's also shown instances of getting "grabby" when the ball is in the air, even when he's in phase. Both of these make him susceptible to fouls in the NFL. Can get overwhelmed by bigger, stronger WR's that are stalk blocking him in the run game. Needs to improve his overall play strength and efficiency against the run as a wrap up and secure tackler.

    Updated: 12/29/2019