Re-drafting The 2009 NFL Draft

Photo: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

What's wrong with you draft people? Even when you don't have a current draft to talk about you go back and talk about a previous one -- one that you've already talked about!

Such is the life of a draft nerd.

What can I say, it's fun to go back and look at old draft classes knowing what we know now. They say that three years is the standard in which you can really begin to judge the selections in a draft class -- anytime before then and there is too much that could still change in a player's early career. But what about if we went back a little further than three years? What if we went back ten years.

That's what we're doing today here at The Draft Network, as I attempt to re-draft the 2009 NFL Draft with players who would have been better picks for each team knowing what we know now.

1.Detroit Lions - QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia

2009 Pick - QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia

Stafford was the selection back in 2009, and regardless of how unsuccessful the Lions have been in the postseason with Stafford since then, he would still be the right choice now in a re-draft. He has given the Lions stability and upside at the quarterback position for the last 10 years.

2.St. Louis Rams - EDGE Brian Orakpo, Texas

2009 Pick - OT Jason Smith, Baylor

First of all, shoutout St. Louis, as it is now vintage to talk about the Rams in such fashion.

The Rams thought they were getting a franchise left tackle in Smith, but as it came to pass, Smith couldn't even win the left tackle job, got a concussion in his first year and was basically out of the league two years later. They would have been rewarded much more if they would have selected Orakpo.

3.Kansas City Chiefs - EDGE Clay Matthews, USC

2009 Pick - EDGE Tyson Jackson, LSU

Jackson was fine for the Chiefs, but he certainly wasn't worth the No. 3 overall pick. He only stayed with Kansas City through his rookie deal then went to Atlanta. Matthews was the guy they should have selected for their 3-4 defense.

4.Seattle Seahawks - EDGE Michael Bennett, Texas A&M

2009 Pick - EDGE Aaron Curry, Wake Forrest

I'm not going to lie, I thought Curry was going to be an absolute freak in the NFL. Turns out he was just a freak bust pick. Seahawks ended up getting Bennett undrafted, but in this class he would've been worth a top selection for how good he's been.

5.New York Jets - S Jarius Byrd, Oregon

2009 Pick - QB Mark Sanchez, USC

I really don't hate the Sanchez pick. He led the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship games in his first two seasons. But his drop off was pretty steep after that. That's why the Jets picking one of the best defensive players from this class still would've been better in the long run.

6.Cincinnati Bengals - OT T.J. Lang, Eastern Michigan

2009 Pick - OT Andre Smith, Alabama

The offensive tackle class was absolutely terrible in the 2009 draft, but the Bengals really needed one and Lang was the best of the bunch.

7.Oakland Raiders - WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

2009 Pick - WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

As much as I would love to put Percy Harvin here, his career just did not last long enough. Maclin brought that speed element the Raiders were looking for with much more longevity.

8.Jacksonville Jaguars - C Alex Mack, California

2009 Pick - OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia

Nope, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to force a bad offensive tackle pick. I'll give the Jaguars a good offensive lineman instead and see where the future goes from there.

9.Green Bay Packers - RB Arian Foster, Tennessee

2009 Pick - DT B.J. Raji, Boston College

*this was TE Vernon Davis when I published the article but I'm dumb and mixed him up with Vontae Davis, who was actually in this draft.

The beginning of Raji's career was super promising, especially after his Pro Bowl year in 2011. But it was a quick drop off after that. Foster went undrafted in this draft, which is crazy to think about.

10.San Francisco 49ers - S Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

2009 Pick - WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

Crabtree was good pick, at the time, but he didn't pan out to have the true impact the Niners needed him to have. Jenkins would've been a better pick, as their current starter at the time Michael Lewis was only around for one more year.

11.Buffalo Bills - C Max Unger, Oregon

2009 Pick - EDGE Aaron Maybin, Penn State

Buffalo drafted center Eric Wood later in this draft, but Unger was the best interior offensive lineman going into the draft in 2009 and has had a really good career.

12.Denver Broncos - RB LeSean McCoy, Pitt

2009 Pick - RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

Moreno had some nice peaks with Denver, but he didn't have near the career McCoy had. This swap is too easy.

13.Washington Redskins - EDGE Connor Barwin, Cincinnati

2009 Pick - EDGE Brian Orakpo, Texas

Can't pick Orakpo here because he should have been taken earlier and was in this re-draft. Barwin wasn't Orakpo, but he did have some success and a 14.5 sack season.

14.New Orleans Saints - WR Percy Harvin, Florida

2009 Pick - S Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

Jenkins was a great pick for the Saints, but he's already gone in this draft. Plus, Percy Harvin with Drew Brees? I don't care if it's for only four years, sign me up.

15.Houston Texans - LB Brian Cushing, USC

2009 Pick - LB Brian Cushing, USC

What? Are YOU going to tell Brian Cushing he wasn't suppose to be the pick here? Because I'm not. I'm not even going to type it. He'd kill me.

16.San Diego Charges - S Glover Quinn, New Mexico

2009 Pick - EDGE Larry English

Pour one out for San Diego.

The versatile Quinn played both cornerback and safety throughout his NFL career, and certainly would have been more help to the Chargers throughout the years.

17.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss

2009 Pick - QB Josh Freeman, Kansas State

Josh Freeman was an awful choice and the Bucs could have selected a solid offensive lineman much sooner.

18.Denver Broncos - DL Henry Melton, Texas

2009 Pick - EDGE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

Robert Ayers was pretty good. He just wasn't pretty good for the Broncos. Melton could have been better.

19.Philadelphia Eagles - WR Mike Wallace, Ole Miss

2009 Pick - WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

If only Maclin were still here for the Eagles. But Mike Wallace's speed will do as a replacement.

20.Detroit Lions - S Patrick Chung, Oregon

2009 Pick - TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State

I like the thought with Brandon Pettigrew, but not the execution. Chung, on the other hand, has been so consistent for the Patriots for the last ten years.

21.Cleveland Browns - G Louis Vasquez, Texas Tech

2009 Pick - C Alex Mack, California

The Browns actually made a great pick with Mack at No. 21 here in 2009, but since he went much sooner than this in the re-draft, they get the last Pro Bowl interior offensive lineman to grab.

22.Minnesota Vikings - TE Jared Cook, South Carolina

2009 Pick - WR Percy Harvin, Florida

Oh man, what could have been with a healthy Percy Harvin...

Cook would've been a nice play for them.

23.Baltimore Ravens - OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia

2009 Pick: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss

Monroe ended up going to Baltimore after 2013, so this one is kind of funny. If he would have stayed healthy he would've hit a sweet spot here.

24.Atlanta Falcons - EDGE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

2009 Pick - DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss

Even though Ayers didn't pan out to his first round selection, he panned out more than Jerry did.

25.Miami Dolphins - CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

2009 Pick - CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

At this point in the draft, they nailed it for what they got.

26.Green Bay Packers - EDGE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech

2009 Pick - EDGE Clay Matthews, USC

Getting Matthews at No. 26? Yeah, you wish, pal. Michael Johnson didn't do much outside of that 2012 year, but there ain't much left in this draft. Just take the 2012 year and be happy.

27.Indianapolis Colts - DT B.J. Raji, Boston College

2009 Pick - RB Donald Brown, Uconn

We discussed how Raji wasn't worth the No.9 overall pick where he went, but at No. 27 maybe he has the same good start without the massive decline.

28.Buffalo Bills - C Eric Wood, Lousiville

2009 Pick - C Eric Wood, Louisville

I'm not about to take Wood's legacy away from Buffalo. I won't do it -- and it was a good pick. Double up on the offensive line and let Marshawn Lynch run wild.

29.New York Giants - WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

2009 Pick - WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina

Perhaps life could've been better for Crabtree in a different place. He had the talent.

30.Tennessee Titans - WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina

2009 Pick - WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

Even though I had the team who actually took him pass on him here, Nicks was still worth a first round pick as a wide receiver in this draft.

31.Arizona Cardinals - WR Johnny Knox, Abilene Christian

2009 Pick - RB Beanie Wells, Ohio State

Knox didn't play long, but he sure ran fast -- and got a Pro Bowl out of it.

32.Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Ladarius Webb, Nicholls State

2009 Pick - DT Ziggy Hood, Missouri

The Steelers drafting a good cornerback? No, you're right, this can't be reality.