Marino: Final 2019 NFL Draft Big Board

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The hay is in the barn and the preparation is complete.

I’ve spent 10 months evaluating the 2019 NFL Draft Class and it’s time to release my final rankings.

In case you are unfamiliar with my methodology for evaluating prospects, my scoring is done numerically based on the following:

  • Film: Weighted grade dedicated to position-specific traits relative to each position.
  • Athleticism: Weighted grade dedicated to athletic testing results that consider baseline measurements relevant to optimal NFL position/role.
  • Production: Weighted grade dedicated to the on-field production of the prospect that considers sustained statistical achievement.
  • Size: Weighted grade dedicated to the frame and measurements of the prospect relevant to optimal NFL position/role.

My system is numerically scored and treats every piece of the evaluation the same for every player. It creates a consistent criteria by which all players are measured. There is no quality without consistency.

In terms of round grades, here is how those fall:

  • 1st Round Grades: 1-22
  • 2nd Round Grades: 23-59
  • 3rd Round Grades: 60-86
  • 4th Round Grades: 87-136
  • 5th Round Grades: 137-193
  • 6th Round Grades: 194-232
  • 7th Round Grades: 233-257
  • UDFA Grades: 258-275

My final Big Board is built through The Draft Network's Build Your Own Big Board function, which is available for your use as well. Every name is clickable to read my full scouting report on the prospect.

NOTE: No. 114 should be Jordan Brown, CB from South Dakota State. I am working with our web developer to correct this.

Written By:

Joe Marino

Director of Administration

Director of Administration & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Member of the FWAA.