Jordan Love Uses "17 Teachable Moments" As A Lesson

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INDIANAPOLIS — In a world where everything is scrutinized and put under a precise microscope, Jordan Love's career at Utah State endured the bulk of it. 

After throwing 32 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2018, there arguably wasn't a more hyped up prospect over that summer than Love. Evaluators were enamored with his arm strength, touch and ability to play outside of structure. 

After a head coaching change and losing nearly all of his offensive weapons, Love’s numbers took a massive dip and he finished his final season throwing 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

Now, many evaluators are harping on his consistency — an area he mentioned he needed to improve on.

"I would make one throw and then come back and make a bad decision,” Love said Tuesday.

While many still point to his interception totals, he didn't hide from it. When mentioning the turnovers, he kept repeating the phrase "17 teachable moments."

Instead of a highlight reel, teams have had pieced together Love’s interception with selected turnovers from last season. In that cut-up, they have asked him why he made certain decisions and what he would do differently if he were given another chance at those throws.

"If I didn't want to talk about them, then I shouldn't have thrown them," Love said. 

Self-awareness is an area that can be lacking with many signal-callers, but with Love willing to learn from his mistakes and use them as teachable moments shows that he's aware of the mistakes that were made but adamant about not letting them happen again. Rumors surfaced that Love entertained the possibility of becoming a graduate transfer elsewhere, but he quickly put them to rest.

"We had just gotten out of workouts when I saw it,” he said. “My mom sent it to me just saying, 'Here people go saying stuff again.' But no, I don't know about any of those schools that they had on there like Oklahoma, Houston and Texas Tech. So no, I don't know where they got it from. People are going to say what they're going to say."

Through the evaluating process, concerns about his unique arm strength and NFL quarterbacks operating more out of structure were addressed.

"That's something that I feel like is a huge part of my game,” Love said. “When the play breaks down, being able to make off-schedule plays get out of the pocket, throwing on the move and being able to take off and run. That comes from instincts and growing up playing backyard football, and just being out there. You either have it or you don't. I think I have that playmaking ability."

Going through the entire process of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is another area that remained essential to him. Love is fully committed to participating in every aspect of the combine, showing that he's not trying to hide from any parts of the process. 

A lot of eyes will be on Love as he continues to keep his name near the top of the quarterbacks in this upcoming draft class, but Love was facing a season that could catapult him into the discussions of being one of the first signal-callers selected. 

The opinions remained mixed as he endured what was seen as a step back from what we saw a year ago. His statistics will certainly be talked about, but the traits and upside are certainly there. In the pre-draft process, his first-day performance at the Senior Bowl exposed some accuracy concerns, but soon thereafter, he began to improve.

His development from the first day of practice through Saturday's all-star event is seen as a microcosm of his career trajectory. Love isn't viewed as a quarterback prospect that's ready to step into the spotlight as a rookie, but his landing spot is one that could make or break his career. Entering the NFL draft wasn't an easy decision for him though.

Love mentioned that "Obviously, it was a tough year this year. Going into the league, they're going to base it off of my last performance. I feel like I am who I am, and if they want to take me then they want to take me, and I feel like this is the best decision for me moving forward."

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Jordan Reid

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-Founder of Former QB and Coach at North Carolina Central Univ.