Caleb Farley: What You Need To Know After His Opt Out

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Caleb Farley became the first college player to opt out of the 2020 season and declare for the 2021 NFL Draft. Farley does so on the heels of an outstanding redshirt sophomore campaign where he led the ACC in passes defended with 16 and was lockdown in coverage. His blend of size, length, coverage instincts, ball skills, athleticism, and fluidity gives him the makings of a future first-round pick that profiles as a top corner at the next level. 

What’s exciting about Farley’s future is that he is still new to playing cornerback. Farley played quarterback in high school and came to Virginia Tech to play wide receiver. Despite his newness to the position, Farley is extremely polished with the technical side of the game and is sticky in coverage. He showcases wonderful spatial awareness and never panics when challenged. The Hokies trusted him on an island and he truly shined. 

Farley did suffer a non-contact ACL tear in 2017 and missed the last two games in 2019 due to back spasms, an injury he played through all season long. A larger sample size of dominant play and cleaner injury history would be ideal, but there’s no denying the potential Farley has at a premium position in the NFL.

Here's some more of what you need to know about Farley:

TDN100 RANK: No. 9 overall

PROS: Footwork is clean and his pedal is smooth. Dynamic click and close ability. Patiently mirrors routes and never panics. Tremendous spatial awareness. Blend of size, route mirroring skills, physicality and length enables him to quickly cap routes and take his receiver off the menu on that rep. Outstanding in press coverage—does well to stay square, crowd, remain balanced and leveraged with terrific hand placement. Has the power in his punch to redirect receivers and destroy route timing. Sticky in man coverage as routes elongate—naturally mirrors routes and stays connected. Often looks like he’s running the route for the receiver. 

CONS: Injuries have been a concern so far in college. Suffered a non-contact ACL tear in 2017 that forced him to miss the season. Missed the last two games in 2019 due to back spasms, an issue Justin Fuente said Farley dealt with all season long. 

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