Fuller House: You Got It, Dude

Photo: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been following me for awhile on twitter, you know about my affection for Dante Pettis’ game. Both as a prospect and as a rookie, he has the style of play that I’ve been drawn to as a wide receiver’s coach.

Due to that, I often check up on Washington’s receiver corps to see if they have any intriguing talent. While Aaron Fuller isn’t exactly like Pettis, the similarities aren’t finished with just the Washington connection.

Fuller essentially slid into Pettis’ role last season, both as an inside and outside receiver. On top of that, he filled in the return game and even a passer on some razzle dazzle play calls.

Fuller doesn’t quite have the flexibility that Pettis does, few do, but he’s mobile and the similarities in how they run are evident. On top of that, Fuller is a unique route runner who has crisp breaks and cuts, similar to Pettis as a prospect back at Washington. 

Another trait comparison comes in their body control at the catchpoint, which is a revelation. Few receivers in the world can mimic the acrobatics that Pettis could accomplish in the air, but Aaron Fuller is in that category. 

There have been multiple receptions during career where he’s been able to flip his hips, hang in the air and fully extend to the catchpoint. Fuller can do all of that through traffic with ease:

Fuller, in all of his explosiveness and flexibility glory, can be a problem after the catch as well. Once he gets into space, his balance can make him a problem to bring down:

There are obviously differences between the two players, but I got Dante Pettis “vibes” for the first time since scouting him while watching Aaron Fuller. The coaching staff did an excellent job of finding a pretty similar player to replace his role and production.

If Fuller can match the film, production and testing of his Husky counterpart, he’s got the potential to sneak into the Day 2 conversation as well.