2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: OT Samuel Cosmi

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During his childhood, Samuel Cosmi was mostly involved in soccer. Serving as the goalie, he was only allowed to play there because it kept him from getting red cards. He was introduced to football after his mother signed him up for a youth league. What sold him on the game was following a championship victory, he got to experience the lavish life as he and his teammates got to ride in a limousine. Starting off as a fullback, he transitioned to the trenches where he played defensive tackle. After being moved up to the varsity team at Atascocita High School, he was moved to the offensive line. Unfortunately, an ankle injury sidelined him for the duration of the season. Returning healthy, his first scholarship offer came from Memphis, but he eventually committed to Houston, which is where eventual Texas head coach Tom Herman was located. Hired by the Longhorns the following November, Cosmi flipped his allegiance and headed to Austin. 

Cosmi started in 34 of 35 games at offensive tackle for the Longhorns. Experiencing 14 games at right tackle and 21 at left tackle, he’s has a wealth of experience playing on both sides of the offensive line. At 6-foot-7 and 310 pounds, he’s a lean offensive tackle that has plenty of room left on his frame to fill out. With plenty of capacity on his body structure, he has the build to pack on 10-15 more pounds of muscle. As a run blocker, he climbs to the second level with ease in order to latch and eliminate targets. On the other hand, his lack of play strength on the first level shows up at the point of attack as he isn’t a frequent people mover. Cosmi is a shield blocker that’s able to position his frame into winning alignments in order to create running lanes. In pass protection, his length gives him an advantage against defenders that are attempting to bend and turn the corner against him. Possessing above-average athleticism, he’s able to overcompensate and get away with the current technical flaws that he has. Cosmi will need seasoning as a pass protector as he needs to gain strength as well as refine his lower half. Frequently leaving his hips parallel to the sideline and the overreliance on out-athleting his opponent will be habits that need to be eliminated. Leverage is another flaw that must continue to be worked on as he has tendencies to play sky high and it results in defenders being able to get underneath of him. The former Longhorn blocker is an athletic offensive tackle that has many ingredients already present, but needs the proper coaching in order to blend them all together and possibly add more in order to reach his final state. 

Ideal Role: Cosmi is a right tackle that has the potential to eventually slide over to the left side if able to correct the flaws in his lower half and continue to gain muscle mass onto his frame.

Scheme Fit: Zone Blocking Scheme

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Jordan Reid

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Jordan Reid is a Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Gaining experience from various lenses of the game, he has previously served as a college quarterback, position coach, and recruiting coordinator at North Carolina Central University. He now serves as a Color Commentator for FloSports, covering both high school and college football games around the country while also being the host of The Reid Option Podcast.

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