2021 Fantasy Football RB Projections

Welcome back, fantasy friends. After checking out my series of preseason fantasy football rankings (which you can find below), you’re probably wondering how I came to my conclusions.

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Well, you’re in luck as I’ll be showing my work, position by position, to reveal my statistical projections for the 2021 season. While the order of the players listed below is determined by average fantasy points per game in full-PPR scoring, I will give you as much statistical information as possible in order to best use these projections for your league’s specific settings. You can also adjust these projections to your own personal research by using the information below and scaling up or down a player’s workload.

Please note that these projections are based on a 17-game season—all players are projected to play 17 games unless otherwise noted on the far right side of the attached projection sheet. The volume of workload is determined by past trends for coaching staffs currently in place, while production rates are derived from players’ tendencies in recent seasons. It is imperative to first determine a reasonable workload for any player as the foundation of any seasonal projection. Without figuring out how often teams typically pass and throw, one can’t accurately assess a player’s true fantasy value. Rushing and target shares are also massively important because a “lead back” or “WR1” is different on a team-by-team and even quarterback basis.

Let's discuss arguably the most important position in fantasy: running back. While the increased use of committees across the NFL has sapped some of the volume out of the position, it has made the elite players more valuable than ever. Nailing the RB position on a yearly basis isn't easy, but it's essential to fantasy success.

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