8 Destinations for 8 Veteran QBs in 2020

Photo: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We won't just see quarterback changes via the 2020 NFL draft. Though that is certainly a good dip into what’s to come, especially with players like Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert, the potential free agent and trade market for veteran quarterbacks is poised to be ripe as well.

Here are 10 veteran signal-callers who could be on the move, and 10 teams where their presence could make sense as a starter or a backup.

Drew Brees: New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees recently said that he would take about a month or so to spend time with his family and think about whether or not he wanted to return for another year.

If Brees decides to call it a career this offseason, it will be a cap on what is truly one of the best the NFL has ever had the pleasure of watching. He is currently the all-time leader in passing yards (77,416) and touchdowns (547). If he comes back for one last ride, it will be with the Saints.

Dak Prescott: Dallas Cowboys

For most of the season, the pairing of quarterback Dak Prescott with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was magic. Prescott was having the most dominant time of his career to date and that combination looked like it was something that could be a foundation for the future. I cannot envision a reality where Jerry Jones lets Prescott walk for anything less than maybe a guy like Tom Brady — just to say he had Brady for a year or two.

Prescott is going to command a lot of money this offseason, but I think the Dallas Cowboys pay it.

Tom Brady: Indianapolis Colts

It's hard to imagine Brady in anything other than a New England Patriots uniform. Though I still think if Brady comes back for another season it will be in New England, the door is at least open for him to go elsewhere.

Let's say he does. Even for a player of Brady's age, some team is going to covet his experience. There are a handful of teams that would be interested in his services, but the one that makes the most sense is the Indianapolis Colts. They have a great young core around them and are really just an upgrade at quarterback away from making the postseason. Games indoors as well as a great offensive head coach could be a pairing that makes the most sense for Brady if his time in New England is done.

Cam Newton: Chicago Bears

With a new owner, a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and just an overall new way of doing things in Carolina, all signs point to them making a move for a new quarterback as the Panthers press restart on an old regime. That means that long-time franchise passer Cam Newton will likely be bought out of the final year of his deal — or traded.

Newton's throwing shoulder has been beaten up over the years — his body has in general. He just hasn't looked like his old self as of late. But there is a chance that the former MVP could have a few more championships pushes in him. If you get some of that back on a team like the Chicago Bears, you get a signal-caller with a lot of offensive weapons in place and a defense to always keep him in games.

Teddy Bridgewater: Los Angeles Chargers

When Brees went down in Week 2 last season, that could have been curtains on the Saints' chance at a division title. But thanks to Teddy Bridgewater, they didn't miss a beat and went 5-0 while he threw for over 1,300 yards, nine touchdowns and just two interceptions.

That stretch of games has likely earned Bridgewater the chance at a starting job in 2020 — unless Brees does retire and the Saints want to retain him. The Los Angeles Chargers might be a great spot for him to create an offense of his own after they are reportedly moving on from long-time quarterback Philip Rivers.

Philip Rivers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Speaking of Rivers, if he does intend to come back for more football in 2020, a potential match could be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There is a strong possibility that the Buccaneers could be moving on from Jameis Winston. If they do, they'll need a quarterback to engineer Bruce Arians' vertical offense.

Not every quarterback can handle that though. Rivers will have to prove he still has the arm to stretch the field, but the personality and competitive nature of both Arians and Rivers could make for instant chemistry.

Jameis Winston: New England Patriots

If the Buccaneers part ways with Winston and if the Patriots move on from Brady, could Bill Belichick be the one to truly change Winston's turnover tendencies enough to make him into a postseason quarterback?

If Winston is a free agent, there will likely be a few teams that are intrigued — the Chargers and Bears are two that come to mind right away. But if Belichick can just get Winston to cut a few turnovers off his stat line, with that defense behind him, they can keep up with anyone.

Marcus Mariota: Buffalo Bills

Calm down, Buffalo Bills fans, I am not suggesting that Marcus Mariota be brought on to replace Josh Allen. This is simply as a preferred backup.

Mariota makes a lot more sense than Matt Barkley; he better matches Allen's style. Mariota seems to be mentally and physically broken right now; so getting him in a locker room where there is no pressure for him to take over, no need for him to start right away, as well as the chance to get him into an organization with a lot of structure could be a recipe to revive his career.