Xazavian Valladay NFL Draft
Xazavian Valladay

Xazavian Valladay

  • RB Arizona State
  • Graduate
  • #349
  • 6'
  • 198lbs
  • Prospect
  • Pac-12

2022 Season









Prospect Summary

Xazavian Valladay NFL Draft Scouting Report

RB, Arizona State Sun Devils

Xazavian Valladay originally started his career at Wyoming before transferring to Arizona State for the 2022 season. Valladay’s 2022 season at Arizona State was his most productive season, rushing for 1,192 yards, 16 touchdowns, and receiving for another 289 yards and two touchdowns. Valladay is a quick accelerating back that can get vertical and create a big play with only a small crease in the defense. 

Valladay’s best usage appears to come on run plays designed to attack the edges of the defense. This is where Valladay can use his speed to attack the outside and has shown multiple times the ability to turn the corner and outrun defenders to pick up significant yardage. Valladay has a long stride and appears to effortlessly outrun defenders at times. Valladay has a slashing, one-cut type of running style that could be an effective tempo switch-up as a complementary back to a more traditional running back. 

Valladay has a lean frame that combined with his upright running style limits how much power he can run with. Valladay’s ability to break tackles and contact balance both appear to be average and his usage as an in-between-the-tackles runner did not provide the same results as when Valladay was utilized as a runner who attacks the edges. 

Ultimately, Valladay has many likable traits as a runner, but his value as running back will vary from team to team. Valladay will be best utilized in an outside running scheme where he can use his best asset: his speed. Valladay’s usage in the passing game has been minimal, but if he can prove to have value running routes and being a receiving threat out of the backfield, it will further help his value as a player in the NFL.

Top Reasons to Buy In:

  • Speed 
  • One-cut explosiveness

Top Reasons For Concern: 

  • Lean Frame 
  • Contact balance 
  • Straight-line runner 

Size (TBD):

Height: 6000

Weight: 200 lbs

Wingspan: TBD

Arm Length: TBD

Hand Size: TBD

Athletic Testing (source):

40-yard Dash: 4.40s

Vertical Jump: TBD

Broad Jump: TBD

Short-Shuttle: TBD

Three-Cone: TBD

Bench Reps: TBD

Ideal Role: Rotational back 

Scheme Fit: Outside Zone

TDN Consensus Grade: 68.50/100 (Sixth-Round Value)

  • Sanchez Grade: 68.50/100

Written By: Keith Sanchez 

Exposures: Stanford (2022), Oklahoma State (2022), UCLA (2022), Washington State (2022)

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