Stewart Reese

  • IOL Gators
  • Graduate
  • #294
  • 6'6"
  • 354lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

Prospect Summary

Stewart Reese is a former 3-star recruit out of Fort Pierce Central. Reese is a former right tackle kicked inside to guard who spent an early portion of his career at Mississippi State. He ranked as the No. 19 OG and No. 57 overall recruit in Florida. He is an intelligent young man, finishing as a three-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll (2016, 2017, 2018). He provides an offense with versatility and depth along the OL. He has a wide and powerful frame. As a sixth-year senior, he is physically developed and maxed out. In pass protection, he is a quick short-setter and mirrors rushers in a phone booth. Inconsistent pad level and leverage is his biggest issue. Maintaining good balance revolves around playing with a lower pad level.

Ideal Role: Developmental guard, swing tackle

Scheme Fit: Spread offense, pin/pulling, and man blocking concepts


Written by Damian Parson

Competitive Toughness: Reese competes at a high level. After losing the leverage battle, Reese continues to fight to regain it. He goes to war in the trenches. He’s seen battling for position on the interior offensive line. He does not stop the pursuit of protecting his quarterback and opening lanes for his running backs.

Balance: Reese’s balance is solid but needs consistency. He has a strong base to stay upright. His higher pad level causes him to be uprooted and lose balance. When working on duo blocks, Reese does not lose his footing as they drive and climb to the second level.

Anchor Ability: Reese has a strong foundation and core. He has a good thickness in his lower body, which works as his source of strength. It generates enough power to sink and hold his ground. When pushed back, his powerful lower half operates as brakes to stop the initial surge.

Lateral Mobility: For his height and weight, Reese has surprisingly quick footwork. This allows him to confidently work laterally. He quickly springs out of his stance to work down the line as a puller in the run game. He quickly steps outside the opponent’s frame on reach blocks.

Power at POA: Reese explodes through his hips at the snap. It generates a nice pop on contact with defensive linemen. When his pad level remains low, he can drive and displace his opponents to open a lane for his ball-carrier. With his power, he can turn and seal defenders with proper torque.

Hand Technique: Reese has strong hands with a powerful grip. Once he has latched, he controls the defender’s ability to maneuver. His hand placement is inside the defender’s chest plate. At times, he loses grip and his hands slip to the outside of the defender’s framework—he then attempts to reset and adjust his placement.

Football IQ: Reese is an intelligent prospect. If there is not a defender aligned in his gap, his head remains on a swivel to find work and help a teammate. Recognizes defensive stunts and twists, picking up the right defender. Identifies and communicates potential pressure from the defense’s second level. He has to improve consistency with pad level and leveraging. Physically, he can win his reps but loses due to this constant issue.

Versatility: Reese is experienced as a right tackle and guard. He began his career as a tackle for Mississippi State before kicking inside. He provides value as a swing tackle and backup/developmental guard.

Pass Sets: Reese uses his lateral agility to short-set against head-up defensive linemen. He comes off the ball with quickness to set his feet and lower body. He can mirror defenders and cut off their path to the quarterback.

Flexibility: Reese’s upright pad level can be attributed to flexibility issues. His knee and hip bend could stand to improve. He does redirect crossing rushers on DL games. His hip fluidity affords him the ability to recover when initially beat laterally.


TDN Consensus: 68.00/100 (Sixth Round Value)