Quinn Ewers NFL Draft
Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers

  • QB Texas
  • Sophomore
  • #--
  • 6'2"
  • 206lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big 12

2022 Season









Prospect Summary

Quinn Ewers NFL Draft Scouting Report


Height: 6’2” | Weight: 210 lbs


2022 Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year • Former 5-star recruit (ranked No.1 nationally)

Impact Statement: “Quinn Ewers is a skilled QB that excels in making accurate throws with plus-level ball placement for his receivers to make plays.”


  • Arm talent to make every throw  
  • Can mix ball speed and ball trajectory 
  • Throw on the run/mobility
  • Accurate at all three levels (short, intermediate, deep)
  • Good football IQ  


  • Side-arm release 
  • Arm strength/ball velocity 
  • Inconsistent throwing mechanics 

In-play Film Analysis:

Quinn Ewers plays in a Steve Sarkisian offense where he showcases his ability to efficiently and effectively operate an offense that requires him to make accurate and timely throws. Accuracy/ ball placement and his ability to get through his progressions allow for Ewers to operate this offense at a high level. Post-snap, Ewers does a good job of quickly scanning the defense and getting through his progressions in a calm and collected manner. Ewers has a side-arm release but it doesn’t appear to affect the timing of his release. 

Working all three levels of the field, Ewers shows to be accurate throwing the football and thrives on routes that require anticipation and ball placement. Ewers thrives on in-breaking routes and layered route combinations that put defenders in complex situations in the middle of the field. Ewers can drop the ball in between defenders and can fit the ball in tight windows on seam routes between two defenders. When receivers are covered, Ewers has shown the ability to throw timely back-shoulder throws or is able to put the ball in a specific location and not allow the receiver to go up and get the football without the defensive backs being able to interfere with the pass. On deep shots, Ewers also shows to be accurate, putting just enough air under the football to allow for receivers to catch the ball without breaking stride. He can also throw a slot-fade ball that falls over the outside shoulder of the receiver. 

The concern for Ewers is arm strength. While Ewers has enough arm strength to get the ball down the field, ball velocity is a concern. Routes that require plus-level arm strength such as deep comebacks and deep dig routes may challenge Ewers and his ability to consistently make the throw without defenders being able to break the pass up.

Prospect Projection: Day 2 — Adequate Starter

Written By: Keith Sanchez 

Last Updated: June 2, 2023

Exposures: Alabama (2022), Iowa State (2022), Oklahoma (2022), Washington (2022)

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