Michael Clemons

Micheal Clemons

  • EDGE Aggies
  • Graduate
  • #143
  • 6'5"
  • 263lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

2021 Season









Top Traits

Hand Counters

Hand Counters

Micheal Clemons

Clemons has a good pass-rush repertoire. He effectively uses a two-hand swipe to counter offensive linemen trying to get hands on him. He will also use a timely chop and rip maneuver to get around offensive linemen in his pass rush approach.



Micheal Clemons

Clemons has good arm length that he uses in multiple ways to defeat offensive linemen attempting to run block. He uses his length to extend and lock-out offensive linemen on the line of scrimmage. He also uses his length to effectively set the edge when he is the contain player.

Prospect Summary

Micheal Clemons is a senior defensive lineman that transferred into the Texas A&M program from Cisco Junior College. Clemons has started for the last two seasons at defensive end. This past season served as Clemons’ most productive season as he was able to accumulate seven sacks with his most productive outing coming in the season finale against LSU (three sacks). Clemons plays as an edge defender playing in both the two-point and three-point stance. From the two-point stance, he is able to burst out of his stance and blow past offensive linemen. He can also use his exceptional length to set the edge against run plays that are directed his way. Clemons is a good athlete that with further development flashed the potential to be a productive edge rusher in the NFL for the foreseeable future.

Ideal Role: A edge rusher that can effectively set the edge while also applying QB pressure.

Scheme Fit: 4-3 defensive end


Written by Keith Sanchez

Games watched: Alabama (2021), Mississippi State (2021), LSU (2021), Ole Miss(2021).

Best Game Studied: LSU (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Alabama (2021)

First Step Explosiveness: Clemons is an edge defender that flashes the ability to have a great first step. When he is in a three-point stance and able to generate power and quickness out of his stance, he is able to get off the ball quickly and get great leverage on offensive linemen. Clemons needs improvement consistently getting off the ball quickly.

Flexibility: Clemons has a high-hipped frame that limits his ability to get proper body positioning at times. This is evidenced in his ability to bend the edge on offensive linemen. He struggles to run a tight arc on offensive linemen because he isn’t able to dip his shoulder low enough to get around them.

Hand Counters: See Above.

Length: See Above. 

Hand Power: He has strong, violent hands that he uses to defeat blocks at the line of scrimmage. His best utilization of his hands is in his pass rush maneuvers. He uses his hand power to quickly swipe offensive linemen’s hands away and blow past them to pressure the QB.

Run Defending: Clemons is an effective run defender. He battles with offensive linemen to maintain the line of scrimmage as an edge defender. Clemons could use improvement on block identification.

Effort/Motor: Clemons’ motor is displayed in his willingness to battle with offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage to maintain gap integrity. He will also put in the effort to chase down run plays from the backside of the play. He is a high-effort player that gives max effort on every play.

Football IQ: Clemons has a functional football IQ but can use improvement in certain areas. Against the run, Clemons struggles to identify blocks that are being utilized against him, which allows the offense to effectively block him at times. He also needs to develop a pass-rush plan. He often approaches an offensive lineman with one move in mind and doesn’t have a counter move that would allow him to continue to work toward the QB.

Lateral Mobility: Clemons’ lateral mobility is affected by his frame. Clemons has a long lower half that negatively affects his ability to quickly put his foot in the ground and change direction. Moving laterally is a stagnant process for Clemons. His lateral mobility affects his pass-rush counters because the counter move isn’t quick enough to beat offensive linemen to a spot.

Versatility: At Texas A&M, Clemons was asked to align as both an edge defender and an interior defensive lineman, but he is most effective as an edge rusher. Clemons can align in a two-point and three-point stance as an edge rusher. He plays both effectively but displays more explosiveness in his pass rush from a three-point stance.


TDN Consensus: 72.63/100 (Fourth Round Value)

Crabbs Grade: 74.50/100

Marino Grade: 71.50/100

Harris Grade: 73.00/100

Sanchez Grade: 71.50/100